Iron Mountain Loop Ride

Amy on the Bench Trail

This weekend’s ride is a go. The weather looks to be cooperating and most of the snow should be melted off the trail by then.

Ride description: The first two miles of the ride will be on a double track that will provide a good warm-up and an opportunity to socialize before hitting the singletrack. To give you an idea of the level of difficulty, this trail is a little more challenging than the Centennial Park loop. I hope that helps.
Total mileage will be about twelve, with 1200-1300′ of elevation gain. Depending on the makeup of the group we could extend the ride and add another loop. The pace of this ride should be early season casual, but if there is too big of an ability level gap we’ll split into two groups.

When: Sunday, February 17.  10:30am

Getting there: On Highway 50, approximately ten miles east of the Dayton Valley Road (stoplight), there will be a dirt road heading north (just beyond Chaves Rd. If you’ve crested the hill and can see Stagecoach, you’ve gone too far). Turn left, and in about two hundred feet there will be a clearing on the right. Park there.

If you would like to carpool to the trailhead, leave a comment and I’ll make the appropriate arrangements.

19 thoughts on “Iron Mountain Loop Ride

  1. god i love this blog. i grew up in tahoe, now live in seattle, and i really miss the sierra nevadas. the riding is fantastic here too, but completely different. it’s nice to see all the pics of the places i love so much. i can almost smell it!

  2. I’m glad to hear that picture wasn’t taken this time of year! It would just make me more depressed . . . .
    Looks like a beautiful place to ride.
    Have fun!

  3. As I said in the email to Jeff, I’m planning on going, and dragging my coworker with me. I have a Honda Element, but not the rear rack yet, so 2 bikes, 3 people is about what I can squeeze. Depending on the size of the bike, I might be able to fit 3 bikes/3 people in.
    I’m in Carson, near College/Roop.

  4. hey- I am in. I can drive people/bikes if needed to carpool.
    my cell 775 443-7241 I will be in the Lompa Lane/college pkwy area around 9 am….

  5. Work reared it’s ugly head today, I’ve been stuck in the office for a couple of hours trying on budget stuff that’s due tomorrow…
    Stupid Euro exchange rate…

    Hope is was fun though! Pics/ride report soon hopefully?

  6. Was wondering where you were! I’m glad we didn’t ditch you. Probably have a post sometime tomorrow, but you can get a sneak peek at the pictures HERE. We had a few cameras going today, so we’ll be uploading pictures to that set.

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