Ghost Wheels and Red Light Runners

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve recently suffered from a touch of blogging ennui, coupled with a bout of stomach ailment that has made my insides feel like a lava lamp with berserk polarity. My brain has been a an old, rusty, bicycleless wheel rolling through the desert.

Ghost Wheel

I’m starting to pull through though, and I feel a surge of creativity coming on. But until the surge arrives, I present to you a post about why I haven’t been writing!

We had a big snow storm last weekend, but it is already melting quick. In fact, we’re due for sunny weather in the 50’s the rest of the week. Still, the trails are under snow and will be muddy as things melt. It looks like it will be another week of road riding.

Which is kind of cool really, because I’ve really been having fun on the road bike. It’s been a thrill to travel around twice as fast (as my mountain bike) with half the braking power. About once a day I have an incident that gets me to rethink my hot dogging though. One incident in particular jumps to the front of my mind.

Today I was approaching main street, heading east on Musser. I couldn’t believe the light was staying green for me, so I stood up and sprinted. Right before I got to the intersection, a sports car passes right in front of me heading south on Main Street. I got on the brakes just in time, but I was still very confused. Had I not really seen a green light? This guy didn’t even slow down, and the light had been red for him for quite a while. I looked around and saw that all the other traffic was stopped, and figured out that I wasn’t crazy. My knees were wobbly for about 5 minutes after that…

In celebration of still being alive, I’m going to get back on taking pictures and making blog posts. See you tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Ghost Wheels and Red Light Runners

  1. Congrats on the new domain! I’ve updated my link. I’m terribly envious of your weather and proximity to the The Tahoe Rim Trail. It’s my dream to ride it this year, hopefully while racing Xterra…we’ll see.

    I’d be happy to be on either bike outside. Unfortunately, the tanning booth is looking mighty good right about now. Fake sun would be better than no sun.

  2. 70 degrees is going to seem HOT! I rode at lunch without booties. Still a bit chilly though. The sunshine did make the ennui subside a bit!

    Yeah, that video is great!

  3. yeah. It is funny to come back after a lunch ride and have people ask “Is it really that warm outside to be sweating”?

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