Trails Report

Centennial Singletrack

As March started, I was starting to wonder when I’d get to ride singletrack again. The Iron Mountain ride from a few weeks ago was pretty much my only taste of dirt trails this year!

Kristy had been out hiking the Centennial Trails, and had said they should be ready to ride. Using Kristy’s recon intel, Jeff P and I planned a ride Sunday morning. Here’s what we found…

Centennial Trail

Dry dirt. Centennial is ready to ride! The rocky intro was a horrible reintroduction to trail riding. I was bouncing all over the place like a pinball, and it made me feel like a rookie. Once past the rocks, I started getting my balance back and began really enjoying the trail.

Centennial Trail
Numerous megafauna were encountered on the lower sections of the trail. They kept an eye on us, but didn’t seem to mind our presence. They allowed us safe passage.

Centennial Trail

The views were great as usual, and there are little green sprouts coming out of the ground everywhere. It should actually be green around Carson this year!

Centennial Trail

There were only a couple sections at the highest point of the trail that were muddy. They were just little patches though, and it was easy enough to ride through.

Ash Canyon

On the west side of the valley, things are improving, but are not all the way there yet. There is enough open to make fun loops or out-and-backs. On Monday, Jon, Sandie, and I rode up Ash Canyon as far as we could go, and checked out all the trails. Here’s what we found…


Trails that are shielded from direct sun still have snow on them, but luckily there are roads that parallel the trails. Although in some cases, “roads” is a bit of an overstatement. This particular road (above) is mostly washed out, and has turned into a singletrack.  This will either keep cars out, or cause them to make a new trail.  Hopefully the first option!

Ash Canyon Road

Higher up, things started to get squishy. We were finally stopped by deep snow, so we turned up the hill to go check out the Deer Run singletrack.

Upper Deer Run

Looking to the west, Deer Run is still pretty soft with numerous patches of snow.

Lower Deer Run

Looking to the east from this point though, it is all open. We had an uninterrupted downhill the rest of the way down, making choices at intersections to pick routes around the snowy sections.

Get out there and ride, but please stay on the trails that are open. There are a lot of new lines forming from people taking shortcuts around snow banks (ATV’s and Bicycles!). As this area becomes more popular, it’s important that we take care of the land and create minimal impact. Tread lightly as they say…

13 thoughts on “Trails Report

  1. Once again, beautiful pictures of a mystical land called “Dirt”. I would someday like to see this amazing vista with my own eyes and feel the crunch of gravel under my tires. One can only dream of this teasure, buried here under a blanket of cold, white snow.
    Glad to see someone is having fun in the great outdoors!
    “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men . . . “

  2. Things are looking good in Reno too! I’m going to hit Keystone tonight. Hidden Valley Looks open. Might head over to Auburn on Saturday.


  3. I rode the Duck Hill area fire roads Saturday. Started in the lot off east Lake Blvd across from the wildlife area. There is still some snow on the North facing sides and some loose sand but all in all it was a great day riding and there was nobody else around so I had the trails to myself. I will send Jeff pictures to put up.

  4. Lester, I heard there is a secret singletrack near the south side of Duck Hill. Any idea where it is?

  5. It’s a Canon Power Shot SD100 Digital Elph, 3.2 Megapixels; however, I’ve recently learned that half of the process is touching-up and applying special effects. I’ve been using Picnik, for this process. Maybe I’ll do a post with before and after images so you can see the dramatic difference.

    There are some purists out there that would probably not want to alter photos, but I think it’s fun and even artistic. You can quickly do stuff digitally now that used to take a long time in the dark room (or so I’ve read).

    Someday I’d like to get a really nice camera, but this little Canon is so portable…about the size of a box of smokes.

  6. “I heard there is a secret singletrack near the south side of Duck Hill. Any idea where it is?”

    I haven’t seen much true singletrack around there. However, I only ride the area in the very early Spring as it seems to be very hot and sandy in the summer. There is also a very large pit excavation project going on at the very foot of the South side so that may have taken up something that was once there. There are some nice downhill fireroads that can be very fun and once your to the top of the hill the roads heading east are a good ride. I plan to explore it some more as it looks like it will be quite a while before the ash canyon area is able to withstand riding.

  7. Their not too soft and going to get torn up with heavy traffic I hope.

    Mostly I just know that soon the creek trail, baldy and deer run will be open and I won’t have the desire to explore so I’m just waiting a bit.

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