V&T Rail Road Grade

Yesterday we explored the V&T Rail Road Grade to check out the conditions. We were certain we couldn’t drop in from Lakeview, so we made this trip an out-and-back.


We saw this hawk along the way. I started taking pictures from a distance, but he just sat there as I got closer! I finally had to spook him, so I could get a shot of him flying away. They’re a lot bigger close up.

V&T RR Grade

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the trail is open all the way to the end. There were just two little snow crossings that made us put a foot down. The ground is still a bit soggy, so it was a pretty good workout going up this gentle grade. Also, the sand isn’t really packed down yet, and is kind of churned up. We need more riders to come through here! Get on it.

V&T RR Grade

As suspected, the drop in to the upper side of the grade is still snowbound. It would be a long hike-a-bike if you were to make the whole loop. Maybe this section will be open by next week.

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