Baldy Green Trail Report

Here’s a brief overview of why my legs feel like mush…

Wednesday was going to be a rest day, but Scott (aka XD) contacted me and said he wanted to ride at lunch. So of course I said yes, and I rounded up Jeff P and Marcus to come along. Jeff P said the Baldy Green Trail was open, so that’s where we headed.

Russel's Revenge

After a bit of climbing we got to the hill climb above that I have known for years as “Russel’s Revenge”. My friend Scott Russel got us to start climbing it, and we used to almost puke at the top. There would be guys rolling around on the ground gasping for air. It’s not quite as bad these days, but it’s still always a challenge. Right near the top when you’re almost out of gas, there is an off camber section followed directly by a whooped out gravelly section. You have to give it a little sprint to clear it, and it pretty much does you in. Scott Russel is moving back to town this month, and I plan to take him on this hill as soon as he gets his bike unpacked.

Baldy Green Trail

The Baldy Green Trail is in near perfect shape with only a couple snow crossings. This trail has some of the best views in the whole Ash Canyon trail system due to it’s elevation. We dropped down onto Deer Run, and there were just a couple of snow crossings there too. Jeff P warned us to go slow through the snow crossings. Scott, a bit curious, or perhaps just a tad temerarious, had to see for himself just how slippery they were, and tested the limits of tire traction while leaned over in a turn. It was a nice slow motion crash, almost a denial of succumbing to gravity. In the end gravity pulled Scott down, but he got up quickly and pressed on. We had a killer downhill run, and then one by one peeled off to our own destinations once back in the city.

Baldy Green Trail

Thursday will be rest day for sure….

11 thoughts on “Baldy Green Trail Report

  1. Resting is for those that sit and drive to work, lunch and back home.

    Good news. Daylight savings time is this weekend. Soon these trails will be ridable later and later after work too.

    We can rest when were dead.

  2. Man, I can’t keep up with your cycling adventures and it isn’t even spring yet. Makes me happy to see all that sweet singletrack; I just wish it was under my wheels.

  3. I’m still having adventures while on my rest day. I had a nice bicycle commute to work, and a nice stroll through the capital grounds at lunch. Just no big hill climbs!

    For some reason though, I’m still carrying too much winter weight. Can’t shake it. I suspect all the yummy baked goods coming out of Kristy’s new oven.

  4. That’s a beautiful area you live in but I don’t quite understand the “lunchtime ride” concept.
    – Do you get a full hour for lunch to fit in a decent ride?
    – Do you eat on the job after you return from riding?
    – Do you have a shower afterwards or just sit around all sweaty and dirty in the afternoon?

    I’m only jealous as I don’t get a lunch break at all and have nowhere near work to ride anyway.

  5. Yes, a full hour for lunch. I can be ready to ride in 5 minutes, and we just ride from our offices. The trails are only a couple miles away. Loops range from 8-11 miles.

    I just eat a sandwich at my desk when I get back to work. Pre ride snacks are usually nuts and fruit.

    No showers. If it’s real bad, I can just wipe down with wet paper towels. Some riders use baby wipes. Just washing my face though usually makes me feel pretty clean. I don’t have much interaction with other people, so if I stink…who cares! I don’t think I do though.

  6. I’ll take working with someone that stinks from an afternoon workout over someone who reeks from a dozen cigarette breaks any day!

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