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You may have noticed a new tab at the top…”For Sale”. If you have something you’d like to sell, let me know and I’ll post it for you. Here are two of the bikes I currently have for sale (I also have two little BMX bikes, a Free Agent 12″ with training wheels, and a Specialized 16″ BMX…details and pics this weekend).

For Sale – 2004 Kona Coiler – $650

This is Kona’s 2004 Freeride rig that was built to thrill on the descents, but also be manageable on the uphills.


The 18 inch frame has 5 inches of travel front and rear. The fork is a Marzocchi coil spring with tunable low pressure air assist. The rear shock is a Fox coil spring with “pro-pedal” and tunable rebound. The pro-pedal does a great job at minimizing pedal bob. The frame is stiff laterally, and feels very stable at speed and in the rocks.


The rear suspension bearings and bushings have been replaced, and have very little time on them. In fact, the bike has been ridden very little in the last couple years, and is just taking up room in the garage.

Here’s a list of some of the parts:

  • Race Face downhill bars, 28 inches wide.
  • XT rear dérailleur with brand new housing and cable.
  • Hayes Hydraulic brakes.
  • Form fitting Marzocchi front fender (easy to take on and off)
  • Tioga Factory DH 2.3 Tires with very little wear.
  • Race Face cranks and bottom bracket.

If you’re interested, send me an EMAIL. The bike was bought new by me in the Fall of 2003, for $1,500. Local buyers only…no shipping.

For Sale – 2004 Haro Mirra 540 – $150

Here’s another bike I seldom ride that needs to go. I used to play around at the skate park on this bike when I lived in Gardnerville, but I haven’t been in a long time. The bike is in great shape, as I didn’t have the courage to do the things all the kids were doing.


It only has a rear brake on now, but a front brake comes with the purchase too. Also included are four axle pegs.

If you’re interested, send me an EMAIL.

18 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Why should I buy your overpriced POS when I can purchase this SWEET 26″ Mens’ NEXT PowerX Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike at Wal-Mart for

  2. Ok boys. You go buy your PowerX’s, and I’ll ride the Coiler. We’ll race downhill and see who has their teeth at the bottom. Just how confident are you with your spindly, 1 inch travel, triple crown forks?

  3. Linking the ‘NEXT’ sponshorship of the Whistler DH to the ‘NEXT’ sold in Wally World is just like saying Lance must have bought his TREK at the Walmart in Texas.

  4. I’m not sure what he rides! I wouldn’t be surprised though. I often see $70 bicycles on the back of $120,000 motorhomes! A nice bike is a poor indicator of social status.

  5. Actually it’s not a 29er. Next is putting out a 28er, with the immediate plans of discontinuing it next year. When your tires wear out there will be nothing on the planet to replace them, and your 28er will go into the the landfill with the rest of the stuff from WalMart.

  6. No way. The choosy stylish consumer will put that 28er on the back of their Daewoo Leganza and cruise the town with an aire of uniqueness that will be unsurpassed in this decade…

  7. How about a ‘Wanted’ section?

    I’m looking for a 29er, XL Frame, SS, disk brakes.

    Anyone seen any at LBS?

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