Trails Report

The Ash Canyon trails are in great shape. There is only one snow crossing, and I’m guessing that by today, you won’t even need to dismount your bike to get across.


Everyday we peer down into the canyon to check the status of the Creek Trail. Unfortunately it’s still a ways off. Especially the trail on the south side of the creek. There is still a lot of snow on that side. You can see much of the trail on the north bank though, and that gives you hope!


In the meantime, get up there and enjoy the fantastic views from Baldy Green!

13 thoughts on “Trails Report

  1. That is a very sweet looking trail.
    We still have 5 or 6 inches of snow on ours and we may get more tonight or tomorrow.
    Glad someone’s having fun in the dirt!

  2. Ash Canyon trails were AMAZING today!

    The road that heads North West from the top of Baldy Green is ridable now. Just a few tight edges of snow and a down tree that requires climbing over. I’m thinking of building a ride over bridge to clear it??? Thoughts??

    Dear run is flowing nicely. The new western extension of deer run is also getting better and better.

    Has anyone seen the high school kids that have built jumps over the main fire road? Just above the water tanks where the climb steepens a bit. They really fly! Great to watch and I could smack myself for not having a camera. Wish I had the guts and sturdy bones to give it a try.

    The creek trail is still not close to ridable though.

    Where di everyone else ride today? I was out early from 9:00 to 11:00 and didn’t see any other XC Riders.

  3. I was wondering about that road that comes down from Timberline. Glad to hear it’s open. I like doing the road climb and coming down that road to Baldy Green. How big is the tree? I’m afraid if we built a bridge over it, it wouldn’t last long. I think a truck would move the tree to clear the road.

    I’ve seen the new jump, but wasn’t sure how many people would have the courage to do it. The landing zone is just a little clearing….they must just plop down right there without running out.

    No riding…chores. It was good to rest the legs though.

  4. I do the fire road to Timberline as an out and back after climbing Baldy, then deer run. The tree is quite big. A full size one that was burned in the fire. It has fallen fully across the road. My guess is that it will be pushed downhill when they get around to maintaining the fire road but it would make for a nice obstacle with the right bridge.

    There are actually two jumps right there in the same area. Both go the same direction. The second is just a bit East of the first that you have probably seen. I watched them jump. They fly across the road, land and thats about it. Not much run out at all. Kids, their in it for the thrill not the work of a ride. They are fun to watch and I like the fact they are doing it here rather than some businesses steps and rails. They may be the same guys that have all of the jumps in their back yard along the WNCC bike path. Anyone seen that yard?

    A friend called me to ask if I knew about the man made wooden jumps and elevated paths off of the Kings Canyon fire road? I haven’t, anyone else? He said he found it by accident hiking. It is in the trees and brush to the South of the road just after it’s first big right hand turn when the road really steepens.

  5. Jeff P and I saw one of the wooden jumps up in Kings Canyon last year. Pretty crazy…a horrible approach, a rickety wooden structure, and then a leap and a big drop over a manzanita bush! I haven’t seen anything else, but really haven’t been up there in quite a while.

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