Creek Trail Update

Last weekend I went for a hike along the Ash Creek Trail to do a trail assessment. Good news first: The lower half of the trail is 98% clear. There is one blow-down at the entrance and a small snow patch right after that. I’ll get out there in the next few days to remove the blow-down.

To access lower Ash Creek Trail: near the junction of the Deer Run Trail, Baldy Green Trail and Ash Canyon Road, there is a double-track that descends to Ash Creek. Use that entrance for now.

Now for the not as good news: The upper half of the trail is about four to six weeks away from being clear. There are multiple snow drifts, some look to be over a foot in depth.
I know it’s tempting, but please wait until the snow is gone before attempting to ride the whole trail.

Also, there are several blow-downs on the upper section that I’ll be removing in the coming weeks, so when the trail is ready to ride, you’ll be able to fly.000_0804.JPG

P.S. The contour road that connects Timberline to the start of the Baldy Green Trail is passable by bicycle.

9 thoughts on “Creek Trail Update

  1. Lester, I think we could probably ride-in a trail by going around the west side of the tree. I would prefer a technical feature like the bridge you mentioned, but I’m sure someone will move the tree aside and waste any labor we put towards it. When you mentioned bridge, do you mean stacking available dead-fall on both sides of the tree? If that’s the case, go for it.

  2. We are a ways off from being able to ride here due to snow as well. Glad to see your reinforcing the wait-to-ride attitude. We have so many problems with our trails later in the season due to early riding. And the frustration is, most of the folks doing the damage, never spend a minute fixing it.

  3. Very good for the soul. Especially when the dogs get to go.

    Thanks for the picture. It will help me plan.

  4. Brian, early riding is a problem everywhere. It wouldn’t be so bad if the riders dismounted their bikes and walked through the snow patches. But that is rarely the case.

    Smudgemo, I agree.

    BTW, I have a meeting next Wednesday with Parks & Rec to discuss where our focus will be regarding new trails in the Ash Canyon area.
    I will give an update later next week.

  5. I’ve just returned from removing a couple of blow-downs on the Creek Trail. It seems that our warmer temps and yesterdays high winds have melted quite a bit of snow off portions of the Creek Trail. If high winds and warm temps continue, it will probably be open sooner than I expected.

  6. 6dogs-Great to hear about the trail update. I was just at Disneyworld with the kids on the way to my sisters wedding. The rides are neat, but they dont beat the thrill i get from riding your trails. Not even close. I hope the warm winds blow. We have quite the trail system up there now!

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