Return of the Sarge

After nearly a four year hiatus, The Sarge has moved back to Carson City. I gave him a two day grace period after finishing his cross country trek, but then it was time to go riding.

When The Sarge left Carson City in 2004 he was at peak fitness, and he beat us up on the hill climbs daily. The Sarge was always yelling at us motivating us to climb faster and ride further. That’s how he picked up his nickname.

Scott R

The Sarge went through some tough times while he was away, and unfortunately didn’t get to ride as much as he would’ve liked to the past few years. I know this to be true, because for the first time ever, I’m leading him on the hill climbs. I should be able to enjoy this for a few more weeks until he gets his wind back.

On one of his first rides back, I took him up the Creek Trail. We rode up as far as the snow would allow, and then we portaged the bikes up the side of the canyon wall. It was a good test of physical strength and endurance for sure. We caught the Deer Run, and then bombed down the singletrack with much revelry and jollification.

Kill Zone

Once back in civilization, we rode down Winnie Lane and took the Jeff P cutoff. I took this picture of the cutoff today, much as it looked last week. Although last week, the gap was much tighter. My good sense said to go around the dumpster to the left, but the devil whispered in my ear, “I think you can make that gap…”. And I did, sailing through the narrow aperture at around 15 mph.

I heard a loud CRACK! behind me. I assumed that The Sarge had knocked over the dumpster, and was stopping to go pick it back up. But when I turned around, the dumpster was still standing just as it was before we arrived. The Sarge was taking a gravel nap on the exit side of the gap. We suspect the dumpster was full of bricks or an unwanted dumbbell set. He had clipped his handlebars on the dumpster as he passed through “the kill zone”, and hit the ground hard!

That’s my side of the story anyhow. You can read the Sarge’s view of events, and even see a few bruise pictures over on his blog HERE.

6 thoughts on “Return of the Sarge

  1. i have to respect the fact that, even though your stories are (slightly) different, you’re each sticking to them! oh yeah! gotta love that!

  2. I’m somewhat disappointed in the photographic evidence. I shot of the “Kill Zone” with the body still sprawled on the ground would have been much better.

  3. I know… I’m kicking myself now. My concern for the victim clouded my judgment, and I forgot to get photos of him writhing in pain. Poor journalism…

  4. A good photographer must remain neutral, emotionless and focused on the task at hand.
    Next time, remember that.
    Cause we want to see carnage!

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