Visit to the Bay Area

I’ve made a few online friends since I started blogging, and some of these friends I’ve actually got to meet in person. Last year I hooked up with Smudgemo, who writes the blog You Just Don’t Want To, and we rode the Rim and Flume Trails up in the mountains above Carson City (The tale of that ride is HERE).

My family and I were down in the Bay Area last weekend, and Smudgemo was nice enough to put us up at his house for a couple nights. He also helped us get onto the public transportation going into San Francisco, and showed us all the good places to eat.


I also gained a new appreciation for my easy commute in Carson City. Carson City is surrounded by mountains, but the city is nearly flat. Commuters in the Bay Area have big, steep hills to deal with, and a lot more traffic. We’re spoiled here!

I was admiring Smudgemo’s Xtracycle, and I thought it’d be a great bike to get a photo on. Kristy snapped this great photo of us that in no way will remind you of the opening to the Laverne and Shirley TV show.

3 thoughts on “Visit to the Bay Area

  1. I am so bummed I didn’t hear about this earlier. If I knew we were “all” crashing at Smudgemo’s, I would have packed a bag and been out there by Saturday.
    You guys need to give me a heads up next time! :^)
    Speaking of trips, I have no date limitations now for the Bloggers ride. There will be no connecting trip by my wife to Las Vegas, so the skies the limit now.
    And I am planning to do at least one full tilt-full padding DH bomber run down the ski slope out there on the Extra-cycle too! So bring it along! :^)

  2. If you’re going to do some DH on the XtraCycle, wear a cup. Smudgemo brake-checked me at 40+ mph…

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