11 thoughts on “POST REMOVED

  1. “This chap, above, is a poster child for individual style. Just the fact that he’s riding one of the retro…[Bikes] of my distant youth, is retro coolaliciousness. Then there’s his clothes, cap and the coloured tape on the bike. What a sight.” Zakkaliciousness

    Good one! I hope you were on you bike when you shot that!

  2. There was a great article in Bicycling last year about the “demand” within the inner city for cheap, bike transportation. It opened my eyes to the plight of the minority and poor and how the bicycle is essential to their daily lives. I want to rag on this dude for being a goof, but maybe, he is just trying to make a living.

  3. Hey, don’t pull it because of me!
    I just wanted to make a note about the issue. I dig all the humor on this site and can give it as well as I take it.
    So, forgive me for getting all socially sensitive and sh_t! :^)
    Won’t happen again.

  4. I apologize for the continuous reoccurrence of this picture. I may need to break into 6dogs’s house and destroy it. That does look sort of AirSupplyish though. I just need a perm!

  5. Yeah, if were gonna rag on the guy, we should do it to his face. Its more noble that way. Ya know, he could be a totally arrogant loser, or he could have just let his grandma borrow his car so she could to go to the hospital. I do take short term gratification for taking pot shots at people all the time, esp. if offend me mildly, like people giving me dirty looks at intersections. ” Don’t look at me you smelly lard ass B#$#tch!, Spend your money on the dentist, not the wheel set baby!” and yes, it does make me feel good. but it does not make it right… But then again, we are in the big city, the guy was a grown up. He was looking pretty cool. I would expect that if I walked into a local bar wearing my cycling gear, that someone would say something to me that I would consider to be mildly offensive…. so if you are still reading this i have come full circle here. I think the post was ok.

  6. xd- as always you are spot-on.

    Brian- You are 100% correct.
    I have no idea why this individual is riding a bike. It could be a mental, financial, or legal problem that forces him to use a bicycle. And I shouldn’t use him just to get a laugh. Though there is no defense for Wonder Brood.

    That said, I removed the post because I think that in my twisted world, the new post is funnier. Streamlined’s comment, with Master’s photo above it, is hilarious.
    And I think Master approved of the new post because I heard him chuckle in his sleep last night. And when he chuckles, I like to think it’s because of something I did.

    Marcus- ease up on the Red Bull

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