Reader Mail

We get a lot of mail here at Bike Carson. 99% of it is for natural male enhancement drugs and fancy replica watches, but occasionally, some extraordinary ideas trickle in. Here’s one I’d like to share…

Hey Jeff,

How has the riding been? I have not ridden much at all, except to work, and every time I do it reminds me how much I hate riding.

Which gets me to thinking, could you help me do a “” website? It would be just like your website but have pictures and stories of people walking. I could tell of walking to work, walking home, walking to the bar, stair walking (climbing and descending!), walking on breaks, walking at lunch. I would have pictures of extreme walking: jumping down steps, jumping up steps, jumping over trees and bushes booshes, etc.. What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Reader Mail

  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The correction has been noted, and our editor has been reprimanded. Look for him in the bread lines tomorrow…

  2. You know, I read an interesting article in “Walking” magazine awhile back about the need for low cost, department store shoes and their affect on survival in the inner city.
    Oops, there I go again.
    “Walking is for LOSERS”.
    That’s better! :^)

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