Friday NEWS Mélange

Bike Carson’s intelligence operatives have been working tirelessly to bring you the following Friday NEWS Mélange

  • Don’t forget this weekend’s BMX Open House at the Carson City BMX track!
  • Trail Report: The Creek Trail is open! If you’ve been waiting for the Creek Trail to open, wait no longer. Also, there is a new trail in the works, the Vicee Canyon Rim Trail. The trail is rideable now, but will need your help to ride it in. Details on this trail coming soon…
  • Jeff P and I continue to work on our Bike to Work Week plans. We should have the formal plan to announce next week. This is going to be a fun event! Stay tuned…

Unclear on the concept on the use of a bicycle lock.Fellow Carson City Blogger, author of No Safe Place, took this amazing photo near the college yesterday. Can you spot the weakness in this rider’s security architecture?

Bike Carson LogoAntoine in Auckland, New Zealand, author of I Bike NZ, came up with this cool logo during some downtime at work. The concensus so far has been: It’s Cool. Thanks, man!

11 thoughts on “Friday NEWS Mélange

  1. ooh, i think i know the answer to the security riddle! one could simple slide the chain up and off the large phallus the bike has been “secured” to, adjust the bar-ends straight up, and ride off.

  2. Heh!
    The bike to work week sounds interesting. This week, I’ve ridden twice to work without problems, and I hope to be able to do it every day of the week soon enough.
    Our company is even thinking about making it a company event, in order to build up to Earth Day and the National Bike to Work Day (

    PS: Critical Mass! YEAH!

  3. Ummm, hmmm. Okay, I see it now.
    He has forgotten to “lock” out both shocks, which (as any good cyclist knows) renders the bike unridable.
    Good luck with your ride to work event. I am trying to get folks on board for one here as well.

  4. Obviously not a physics major. Must have been late to the basket weaving final. No wait, I think I saw that guy at the hospital. He was getting a window installed in his stomach because his head was really far up his ass. Yeah thats it.

    Wow, I wonder if the forest service is replacing all the dead little trees they planted in those plastic boxes up there? I wonder if any of the city councilmen went up there and asked for a rebate on those dead ones. In the interview the man said that a certain percentage would die. Is that like 90% like the other ones they planted? hmm oops! this is a happy bicycle blog. I will stop now.

  5. Deer Run is fine, except for the new potholes that is…

    I haven’t seen the new upper connector trail yet though. That would suck if there was a new tree right in the middle of the trail!

  6. Upper-Connector Trail is fine.
    This trail really needs a name. Will the owner of the Upper-Connector Trail please post anonymously, and provide us with a name.

  7. rats, i was hoping the new connector section could be called “burnt weeny sandwich” but PMBWWSADTT has a nice ring to it.

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