Sunday Ride

The weather has been warming up, and the Sunday group rides are returning. We rounded up nine riders, and headed up into the mountains against the wind. Brutal winds at times.

John KJohn K on Baldy Green

The headwinds were frustrating at times, but eventually we got a tailwind. Most of the downhill was crazy fast!

SandieSandie on Baldy Green

BrentBrent on Baldy Green

We ran into a couple of dudes on the Creek Trail. I’m not sure how you’d categorize these trail users. One guy had his 12 pack sitting right in the middle of the trail. Jeff P informed him that this was a well used trail and that he shouldn’t obstruct it, and then he noticed the guy was smoking too! The guy apologized, and went and stood on the bridge, again right in our way. He seemed a bit clueless. I think that 12 pack must have been mostly empty.

Lester FLester starting the Creek Trail

A bit further down we got to an intersection where the road drops in. The beer guy had backed his truck right into the trail. Our flow was interrupted by a tail gate. I think Jeff P is right…that drop in road has got to go!

Riders on the RidgeThe gang finishing up the Creek Trail

Today was also our 1st ride with Lester. He showed up on his new GF 29er single speed, adorned with newly purchased On One Mary Bars. I’m curious to hear what he thought about them…Lester?

Hopefully we’ll meet more of you as the spring progresses!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Ride

  1. First ride on the Mary Bars, second ride on the single speed. Clearly this group likes to initiate new riders with all out efforts as they decided a climb up Timberline would be a good warm up. This bike is a big difference from a geared full suspension and really exploits any bad habits a rider may have. With a fully rigid every rock, hole and stump is an obstacle that was once just a minor bump but now requires a lot more attention. The Mary bars are great and I think I’ll be looking for a pair to put on the commuter.

    The only questions is, when are we doing it again?

  2. I bet if you didn’t come along that 12 pack would have stayed in the trail forever. Is there a good place to rent bikes out there? If I get close to your neck of the woods it would be cool to check out some trails.

  3. The bike rentals are mostly up at Tahoe and are seasonal, but I’m sure somebody could hook you up with a bike. Not a problem! Also…we’re still planning the “Tahoe blogger’s ride” in June. Great vacation destination for the family.

  4. Looks like a beautiful ride.
    Speaking of the bloggers ride, any idea on dates yet?
    I want to start looking into places to stay, rentals, etc.
    Hopefully, I will have ridden a trail back here by June! :^)

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