Carson City’s fire suppression team is back, and they most likely will be patrolling the Ash Canyon area until the end of May. This might be a good time to find another place to take your dogs for a ride/walk. Also, when riding near the flock, ride with caution. Ring your bike bell, whistle, let them know you’re there. Please do not chase them.

P.S. I have it on good authority that the City is using a local crew.

6 thoughts on “BIKE CARSON PSA

  1. All the sheep jokes today, and now this. How do you guys know that all this teasing isn’t hurting my feelings or causing severe psychological damage? My therapist and I would really like to know!

  2. I’ve just purchased a wool nightie from Sheeptoria’s Secret. I’ll wear it for ewe sometime lover boy.

  3. Hey! Now stop it you two! This is a sensible cycling blog. for goodness sakes were brushing on the subject of beastiality! It is a hot night out tonight. I went for a night ride. I did ride up Jack Rabbit, Postal Route, and ran into the sheep in the middle of Deer run. 1000 eyeballs reflecting in the night. I had the headphones on so I didnt hear em until I came right up on em. Hey- you know how to tell when its a hot night in Carson City? Thats when the sheep are wearin’ pumps!
    Bahahahahhaaaa! thanks for the sheep post, as I am sure I would have soiled my shorts had I not read it before my ride and snuck up on them.

  4. 6dogs- No, Thats the “Pump Room” Thats at Jeff M’s house, and Yes, I was scouting ( 10 bucks is 10 bucks)…

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