Sunday Ride Report

As far as weather goes, I think you could categorize Sunday as the best day of the year so far. It was a true spring day as we rolled from my house. It was only just 9:00AM, and I had no need for even a wind vest.

Ash Canyon

Mike and Barrett from Team Bacon Strip joined The Sarge, Jeff P, Keith and I, and we headed up Timberline. Timberline is a steady, mostly pavement road climb that gets you up to the top of the trails quickly. Once at the top, we began our multi loop singletrack extravaganza.

Upper Baldy Green

There were a lot of trail users out on Sunday. A large group including some guys from The Bike Smith shop were up shooting video and photos of their ride. We also saw a few hikers and even some horseback riders. Ash Canyon is quickly becoming a viable multi-use recreational area. This is great news for Carson City folks, as it takes some of the pressure of getting up to Lake Tahoe for outdoor experiences. This will be very important as gas prices continue to rise throughout the summer.

Carson City

We ran into yet another group of trail users on Sunday. Jeff P mentioned in his previous post that the sheep are out. There are over a hundred sheep up in Ash Canyon right now, making them the predominate group. The sheep eat pretty quickly, so they move all around the canyon. This means lots of sheep poop everywhere! Everyone’s knobbies were full of the stuff, a constant reminder to keep your mouth closed on the fast sections.

Here’s some footage of our woolen friends from Monday’s ride. They slowly parted as we approached to provide us safe passage.

After the ride a few of us headed down to Red’s for giant beers and some delicious BBQ. Killer riding, beer, and BBQ all before 2:00 PM. I think we live in a pretty cool place!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Ride Report

  1. mmmmmmmmooooooooossserrrr…

    GREAT TRAILS!!! Thanks for showing us around. you got to build a trail to connect that with centennial park!


  2. Rumor has it that both bridges on the creek trail were damaged by one of the riders in your group. Nice going!

  3. Beer? Nobody said beer when the schedule went out…I might have twisted my own arm into at least catching up for the ride to Reds.

  4. I rode the Creek Trail Tuesday evening and a tree has blown over the trail one turn before the first bridge, it must have been last nights wind.
    I was out of town but I was told we had some gusts.
    So just a heads up.
    If you need some help clearing the trail let me know.

  5. Well Dog did ya clear it?

    Let me know I am going up A.C.T. tomorrow I will bring a big beaver to help gnaw through that Root.

  6. What gear are you guys running on the SS 29ers? I went part way up Ash Canyon a few weeks ago using a 32X20 and was seeing double after about 3 miles.

  7. I’m running 32×20 on my SS 29er. Started out with 32×18, that lasted about an hour ughhhh. The 32×20 is tough on the steep stretches of the Ash Canyon fire road but doable. Also a grind but finished the timberline paved climb. It also has rigid front forks and Mary bars that definitely seem to help with the stand up climbing. I like it…don’t quite love it as the 32×20 is WAY too light of gear for my commute but absolutely needed for the Canyon climbs. I wouldn’t be able to go past 20 with it as that will leave me nothing on the track downhill.

    I will tell you this though. After a few workout climbs on the SS the geared 29er virtually floats up the same hills.

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