Walk Carson

You may remember Keith’s suggestion from April 3rd. Keith has been insistent that we start a new blog, Walk Carson. Very insistent. Countless emails. 3 AM phone calls. I finally caved in to his demands, and listened to his ideas with an open mind.

Keith took me on his new walking trail, a singletrack designed to test his walking abilities. I was impressed at how challenging it really was. Maybe Keith is on to something!

XC Walking

He demonstrated his XC walking style for me. This style seemed to suit my abilities as a beginning walker. I may even be able to get into the sport with the gear I currently own.

Black Diamond Walking

Keith turned it up a notch, and took me to the Black Diamond section. He feels that Black Diamond walking has the potential to be the fastest growing segment of the sport. Keith already has designs for an overbuilt, long-travel shoe, and is in communication with European cobblers. He just needs to raise the capital to loft his dreams to reality.

Sadly, Keith tried to clear a boosh on his last run, and didn’t quite make it. He was airlifted to Reno for treatment. Looks like his dreams will be on hold for a bit longer!

Actually… We were up checking out a new trail. Stay tuned for more details on Seven Steps to Heaven!

16 thoughts on “Walk Carson

  1. Keith is no flatfoot. I witnessed his skill 1st hand. Concerning the bridge/creek trail. I’ve been in contact with some paintballers and given them approval to setup a site down there. I think crossing your bridges while dodging paintballs would be fun. I figured we should also add a rodeo area to that site as well…..

  2. My thoughts and prayers go you to Keith. What a visionary! Hang in there man! Dont let those Booshes get the best of you. I’ll be the guy with holding up the lighter in the front row for your next performance! Love YOU bro!

  3. I hear the Carson City Archery Club is moving into the Creek area too. Judging by the clay pigeons near the rock chute, the skeet shooters have already arrived!

  4. Boosh
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    interj. 1. Used to express joy, happiness, delight, or happyness. 2. Used to express repugnance or contempt. 3. Used to interrupt a conversation. 4. Used to suprise or jolt another. 5. A combination of any or all of the above at once.

    The Mighty Boosh, a British cult comedy series.
    “Boosh!”, a catch phrase used by multiple characters on the Adult Swim program Frisky Dingo.

  5. Kieth,
    I’m glad to see you have recovered from your accident jumping over the booshes…. I saw you today at the intersection of 5th and Carson St. – You were on a bike….. My image of you is shattered. The whole Walk ON! phenomena has shriveled up and died. – Bobs right. that vest sucks. Later man…

  6. Actually Marcus, the bike is p.t. for my injuries and oh how I hate doing it! Sucks, sucks, sucks like my vest.

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