Lamb Chops with Garlic Please

Much like last year, the sheep started off cute, a welcome addition to the sights and sounds of the trail. As the days have progressed though, the presence of the sheep has grown tedious.

Counting Sheep

I think we can all appreciate fire suppression, but trail suppression is no fun. Many of the trails require special attention to the “obstacles”, the hundreds of piles of sheep poop. The sheep dip also gets kind of steamy on the warmer days. Since I keep my bike in my office, I’ve been trying had to keep my tires clean. Sheep poop encrusted tires are a horrible way to sell bicycle commuting and convenient bicycle storage to your office mates!

Sheep Dip

But I guess it’s best to just wait it out, and be happy. It will be good in the long run. I think after our woolen friends have left, it’d be a great idea to rake some of the trails. In addition to all the droppings, the sheep have kicked rocks around everywhere. The singletrack could use a little TLC.

Sheep Dip

In the meantime, I recommend visiting one of the Basque restaurants in Gardnerville. The JT in particular serves of some of the best Lamb Shoulder Steaks and Lamb Chops! It’ll be a good and healthy way to take out your aggressions. Ask for extra garlic.

13 thoughts on “Lamb Chops with Garlic Please

  1. Yes they have. I was trying to play connect the dots…or follow the little orange flags down the new Vicee Rim Trail…many of them are now flat, burried or eaten. It’s getting harder and harder to keep my dogs from a dog day in heaven chasing sheep.

  2. Mr. Efficient!

    Can I put in my formal request for an all dirt, downhill both ways, shaded in trees super smooth and never crowded trail to and from work? No hurry…any time in the next few weeks would be great.

    Road Bike??? That is almost as bad as me breaking out the golf clubs tomorrow.

  3. The Lakeview/V&T loop is in good shape, and free of sheep (and poop!).

    I guess we shouldn’t joke about the sheep too much. I just saw a news alert on RGJ about sheep killings in Pleasant Valley. This is in addition to the killings already reported on the east side of Carson. Some sicko is on the loose…

  4. I remember mountain biking in a park where they allowed horses also. We ended up with shit slung over everything including us. Damn horses.

  5. Fire prevention. A big fire ripped through here in 2004, and grass has become the predominate species. The sheep are here to keep the grass from getting out of control.

  6. Despite the additional obstacles and cleaning required after a ride, it seems to me the benefits outweigh the losses in the short term. That is easy for me to say, not having to deal with it but I am impressed by a community that takes a natural, proactive approach to dealing with the fire problem. Maybe the folks living in the hills in CA could learn something from this. Might save them a lot of heartache and loss come summer and the santa anna winds!

  7. Well, if you are including the Berkeley and Oakland hills, we’re already there. They bring in the sheep to eat away. The difference here is they fence them in with electric fence and dogs so you can’t get too close with the mint jelly.

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