Rest Day

Today was a rest day. A day to let the body heal from all the week’s activities. I still managed to fill the day with bicycle related activities though.

Scott R and I headed down to the Bike Habitat to get a few things, and see what was new. Scott and I took turns on the Kona Paddy Wagon out in back of the shop. The Paddy Wagon is a single speed road bike, with a flip-flop hub that allows you to run it either free wheel or fixed. The bike was a blast to ride, and left a lingering impression in our minds long after the visit.

The Bike Habitat has a nice website. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it at

Clearing Brush

The next stop was Marcus’s house to see phase 1 of his new pump track. Phase 1 included lots of brush clearing. I think even the Brush-Clearer-In-Chief from Crawford, Texas would have been proud of Marcus’s efforts. We helped him play pick up sticks after he went nuts with the Bobcat. Personally, I would’ve used a Daisy Cutter, but I think you may need a pesky permit for that.

Moving Dirt

After our ears and noses were full of dirt, we departed for Red’s to drink a couple pints of Icky. Once I got home, I put the final parts on the Kona Coiler. It’s ready to roll!

7 thoughts on “Rest Day

  1. Thanks for coming out guys. After you left I mapped out the track, which took hours. Then I began moving all the dirt to it approximate destination. I will put the pics on flickr in a little bit. I returned the trackor last night at 9 pm. I will be shaping and rolling all day today. If anyone would like to join me bring a rake or a shovel. I have at least a 12 pack of beer. 3678 Silverado Drive. Near Target.

  2. I have totally shaped the track. Now I am going to take a break and then go to Home Depot and get a lawn roller. I think I might get a lap in before sundown!

  3. Its done, but very soft. We had hard times staying on the track, because if you got near the edge it would wash out. I did get one really good lap in where I almost pumped all the way around. It is totally challengeing. I put the spriklers on it tonight. Maybe next weekend it will be more firm.

  4. Smudgemo- Jeff M. planted the idea in my head a year ago. I googled “Pump Track” and the Leelikesbikes website came up. I bought the manual on how to build a pump track. I saw the video and read the reviews and knew I had to have one. This was basically a birthday present from my wife. She was going to get me a new camera. I asked her if I could pass on the camera and use the money to rent a tractor and a dump truck. She agreed! Once I have the track firmed up and a little more dialed in, I will have an open house party. I will post it well ahead of time and let you know.

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