Bike to Work Week is Coming

At January’s Muscle Powered meeting, Jeff P and I took on Carson City’s Bike to Work Week as one of our main projects for the year. After months of discussions, research, and meetings, we are pleased to announce that we finally HAVE AN EVENT PLANNED!

BTWW pic.jpg

Thanks to all of our generous sponsors, there will be Bike Clinics, a Movie Night, Social Rides, Free Coffee at commuter stations, Free Bus service on JAC for multi-mode transportation, and a final event with live music and a prize raffle, including a brand new commuter bike!

You can help us promote this event by distributing the Bike to Work Week Flier and Brochure found on our Bike to Work Page. Post these documents at work. Share them with your friends and coworkers. Help us make this event BIG!


  • The Muscle Powered Blog. Check the MP blog for further information on Bike to Work Week, and stay tuned for a Bicycle Commuting series.

3 thoughts on “Bike to Work Week is Coming

  1. Looks like you have a great week planned. Hopefully, it will help bring some new recruits into the cycling ranks.
    Good luck!

  2. Nice Poster Looks like a lot of great things to do
    During Bike to Work Week.
    Let use all now how the meeting went tonight with the BOS
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. I would like to sign up for the corporate challenge – The Carson City School District! Let me know what you need from me!

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