Trail Update

Our first hike of the proposed KC-AC trail with Alex and Keith from Walk Carson

Last night Jeff Moser and I attended the Open Space Advisory Committee meeting at the Carson City Community Center. There was a long agenda, but Juan Guzman was thoughtful enough to move the citizens’ participation portion of the agenda first, so we wouldn’t have to sit through their entire meeting.

I could tell you what was said by the other presenters’ who went before me, and what they were presenting, but I don’t remember what was said. All I could think of was, what am I going to say? I’m going to be on TV, I have to speak into a microphone, I have to speak in front of a lot of people. I WAS NERVOUS!

I know it’s hard to believe, but I have a fear of public speaking. Most of you who’ve met me on the trail probably think I never shut up. But I was nervous. Fortunately for me, Jeff M. was there for support, and every time I stuttered or paused, Juan stepped in and filled the gap with pertinent information.

So the long story short: most of the Committee members have used the Creek Trail and they like it. They all recognize its value to our community. When the meeting started, I was informed that our trail project was designated as a low priority. I was surprised when the Committee voted unanimously to move it to the top of the priority list.

This doesn’t mean we’ll break ground tomorrow. It does mean the process will now move a little quicker. There are a few reasons this happened. The staff at the Department of Parks and Recreation support this project, the Open Space Advisory Committee recognizes the “quality of life” this project brings to Carson City, and most important, Muscle Powered is involved. If I would have approached the City and said I wanted to build a trail, I don’t think they would have taken me seriously.
But because of the support of such a respected organization, and it was acknowledged by committee members that Muscle Powered has stepped up to the plate in the past for projects such as this, they voted unanimously to approve moving forward with the Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Trail project.

Thank you Muscle Powered!

14 thoughts on “Trail Update

  1. I think he uses white lightning. He does design signature world class bike trails instead of golf courses.

  2. When they bumped the Trail Project up to a High Priority last night, I almost fell backwards in my chair! It’s a good thing I didn’t though, because they were the inter-connecting type. I would’ve taken out a whole row.

    It really hit me last night how powerful your voice can be. Joining an advocacy group and attending public meetings can make a world of difference. People don’t know what you want unless you tell them! The Committee was thrilled with the project because it has strong volunteer support from the citizens. This is appealing to them, since there are less resources for them to acquire and pay for.

  3. Marcus – Thanks, it is action like this that lets Muscle Powered know their efforts are appreciated and supported by the citizens of Carson City.
    xd- only when I’m with the flock.

  4. wow! that is so, so neat!

    it sure sounds like a great place to live. the cycling community seems to have good support there.

    good job!

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