Earthquake Preparedness Kit

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Earthquake Preparedness Kit, originally uploaded by Bike Carson.

Local seismologists have recommended being prepared for the big one. I should be able go a few days on this.

8 thoughts on “Earthquake Preparedness Kit

  1. Good planning, Jeff! I’ve thought about you today every time I saw an online news story about the Reno quakes.

    I hope things settle down before the beer runs out.

  2. To be honest, I didn’t know about the quakes until I saw the online news updates. I slept through it all. Being 30 miles south of Reno softened up the tremors too. Still…you can’t be too careful!

  3. this is a situation where dale’s pale ale or old chub scottish comes in handy. even if it falls off the table, being canned, it won’t break. those deschutes really should be stashed in between the seat cushions of your davenport.

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