Weekend Wrap Up

If you’ve never taken the time to hike the Creek Trail, you’re missing out. The scenery goes by real quick when you’re riding it, and it’s hard to look away from the trail right in front of you. The family and I spent about an hour on the upper section this weekend, and it was a real eye opener! It is truly beautiful down in the canyon, and you get the feeling that you are far away from town. A true sanctuary. I also took the time to clear the trail of sheep debris…sticks, little rocks, and the multitude of sheep droppings.

Creek Trail

We also visited Marcus’s Pump Track. It’s coming along nicely, and is now rideable. It was a little bit tight in some sections, so we got the shovels and threw some dirt around. It was fun to see the track transform in just the short time we were there. Here are a few pictures from the session:

Pump Track

Pump Track

Pump Track
Marcus in the Berm

Big Dork on Little Bike
Big Dork on Little Bike

More Exciting Pump Track photos HERE!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Lester- It was my birthday present! Fathers day I am going to angle for a deck and a shed to plant right next to the track.

  2. Brian- you should have seen Jeff after he got done riding the bike. He said ” Hey- Kid, you want your bike back?” Then the kid started walking over to him and just as he got there Jeff threw it over the fence and walked away laughing. He grabbed a beer from my fridge and then sped off. I was like ” Sheesh, what kind of crowd am I attracting here?”

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