Bicycle Repair Clinics

Felt MP – One Sweet Ride

Each Thursday in May, Denis Coyne, owner of the Bike Habitat in south Carson, will host a free bicycle repair clinic. Each clinic will address a different subject, with some subjects overlapping to the clinic held in the following week.

The first bicycle repair clinic has the honor of kicking-off Bike Month. The clinic’s subject will be “How to Change a Flat Tire”. This is always a popular clinic and available spaces fill up quick. Please call to make a reservation. 267-5053

Bike Habitat 911 Topsy Lane # 238 (next to Best Buy)

Upcoming clinics: Roadside repair; Home Maintenance; Functional attire for commuting (dress for success!).

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P.S (from Moser). We’d love to hear some feedback on the Bike Month events. Are you posting fliers, handing out brochures, or planning on participating? We’d like to know if there will be one or two participants, or if people will show up in throngs. Let us know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Bicycle Repair Clinics

  1. Right on! The only comment for BTWW is from another state! Looks like Jeff P and I will be up to our ears in prizes and mojo bags….

    There will be BEER…did we mention that?

  2. Jared and I will be at Bike Habitat at 6:30 Pm. Purely as a courtesy to our friends like Jeff Moser, who are not big fans of Stans No Tubes. In case they ever get flats and are incapacitated due to injuries, we will be able to assist in repairing their bikes.

  3. I’ll be there.

    Marcus, I hope Dennis slips you a high pressure tire loaded with Stans. I will laugh as the white latex explodes all over your fancy clothes.

  4. Hey Jeff, Save those thoughts for that other blog you write…. Dont mix me up with your white latex shnookie wookie lover dumplin’!!!.On second thought… i have been kinda lonley lately…oh-Hey- I gotta go.

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