Monday Morning Medley

I took Friday off to enjoy an extended bike ride with Kristy, the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. It turned out that Jeff and Amy P also had the day off work, so we all went up and rode the Ash Canyon trails. As much as I enjoy the hour lunch rides in Ash Canyon, it’s much more enjoyable to take your time. Mountain Biking is as much riding the trails as it is talking with friends and enjoying the outdoors. It’s always best to extend these two activities.

Kristy and Amy

On Saturday, Jeff P helped me install my new Manitou Nixon forks on my Kona Coiler. A fork installation wouldn’t be complete without a test ride, so once again we hit the Ash Canyon trails to put the fork through various test scenarios. I’m very happy with the forks. They have adjustable compression, rebound, and travel. The bike climbed very nicely in the 115 mm setting, and soaked up everything coming down the hill in the 145 mm setting. More on this subject later…

Square Nail

Did you miss the Flat Tire Repair Clinic at the Bike Habitat? Dennis Coyne helped us kick off Bike Month with this excellent event at his shop. Even we self proclaimed “experts” learned a few new tricks. More on this event can viewed over on the Muscle Powered Blog HERE. Check the Bike Carson Calendar for two more Bike Habitat clinics happening this week, Roadside Maintenance and the Bicycle Commuters Forum.

Also over on the Muscle Powered Blog this morning is Bicycle Commuting Series Chapter 2 – Do I Have Time to Commute by Bike?. Read this article HERE.

9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Medley

  1. The log crossing is an inside route around the rock drop. Three routes. Dirt, rock or log.

    For me it is just the dirt.

  2. My buddy Todd did both the rock drop and the log Saturday morning. He’s basically fearless tho… he’s just a big kid.

  3. Sounds like we may have to have a special session up there. Bring a case of Red Bull (or beer…not sure which would provide more courage) and keep working on the section until everyone gets it.

    Having said that, there have been a few crashes off these two challenges that are hard to get out of your mind…

    Does someone have a feather mattress we can stick under the log? Or even a stunt-man grade air bag…

  4. Todd fell off the log the second time but did not get hurt. He rides platform pedals so he can bail a bit easier too. Might be an option to consider for practice sessions.

    Tequila shots, Jeff… tequila shots.

  5. nothing would dress that area up like an old grey, soggy mattress. pick one up at FISH and lash it to potter’s bike trailer for delivery and we’ll be all set.

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