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Flat tire, broken chain, a rim so out of alignment it rubs the brake pad. As those of you who have been cycling for a while know, it’s not if it will happen, it’s when.

All bicycle commuters should know a few basic repair skills to get their bicycle home (or to their local bike shop) in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

Those interested in learning a few of these necessary skills are in luck as free ‘Roadside Repair Clinic’ will be held at BIke Habitat this Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Please call ahead to reserve a spot. 775-267-5053

6 thoughts on “Roadside Repair Clinic

  1. That tip that Dennis gave us about using the Tyvek House wrap or Fed Ex envelope as a repair for a torn tire is very good. I have cut a big chunk out of a used envelope and folded it with my tire irons.

  2. park makes a tire patch, it’s just a long patch like the preglued patch kits they sell it works, or the dollar bill folded to cover up the hole works and most people have dollar bills in there wallets not fed ex envelopes. brent is right duct tape works great but when commuting most people like to keep things simple and lite so don’t carry the roll of duct tape just wrap a little around your pump handle or co2 inflater.

  3. Duct tape wrapped around the water bottle, pump etc… has saved my ass many a times. It is the universal repair. One time we used duct tape and sticks/bike pump to tape a guys frame together so he could at least roll out of the mountains. The Tyvec stuff is light and folds small. I just cut a piece of fed ex envelope and stuck it in my camelback. I’m a real fly gangsta, I dont roll with dolla bills. I carry $50.00’s and Hundies so I dont want to stuff those in my tires.

  4. Yeah, thanks Jeff. I have the Mt. Wanksta ( not pictured) I know for a fact that Fiddy rolls with Tivek, or fed ex envelopes for the same reason I do. G Unit calls me all the time, ya know, because sometimes he runs out of dance moves and he needs me to show him a couple. So I will see you guys on the lunch ride today, and dont worry. I wont be packin any heat. All I need in CC are my fists and my gangster “gold” grill mouth piece. Later.

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