Wednesday Night Social Ride

Continuing the Bike to Work Week celebration on Wednesday, May 14th, is the West Side Social Ride. This Muscle Powered sponsored event will begin at 6:00 PM at the Brewery Arts Center (corner of Minnesota and King Streets). Come join us for a 4 mile slow ride along the quiet streets of Carson City’s historical west side.


All participants will be required to sign a waiver (release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement), and helmets ARE required. The route is mostly flat, and stays off the narrow, heavily traveled streets. Kids are welcome, so you are encouraged to make this a family event! We will also be giving out raffle tickets to all participants for Friday’s prize giveaway at the Firkin and Fox.

After everyone has checked in and signed up, we will start the ride. Please remember that since we will be on public streets, we are required to follow the rules of the road. This means obeying all traffic signs, and riding no more than two abreast. Hope to see you there!

Promotional Items!

Long time readers, going back to the Facility Bike Club Blog, will remember the popular Mojo Bag Promotion from last year. The Mojo Bags are back just in time for Bike to Work Week, and will be available for purchase at the Social Ride. These good luck charms were handmade by Kristy Moser and Amy Potter, and contain a variety of botanicals and artifacts from the Carson City / Ash Canyon area. Last year, these mojo bags were shipped out all around North America! Both coasts, the heartland, the north, the south, and one even made it to Canada after a long stay in customs. See Amy or Kristy during the ride to get your mojo!


Also for purchase at the ride are these one of a kind, made in Carson City ankle straps to keep your pants out of your chain on your bike commute. Production has just started on these, so they are limited in quantity at this point. See Kristy or Amy to get your ankle strap!

Mojo and Ankle Straps

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Social Ride

  1. Ahhh…that explains all the broken rubber bands along the V&T bike path.

    I’ve talked to quite a few people about tonight, and it sounds like there will be a great turn out!

  2. i’m interested in a mojo bag…i need to ward off that bad smell i seem to get stuck in going home in the heat everyday!

  3. I can see these being the new ebay super business… The mojo bag and reflector strap. Selling good Karma/style and saftey in one easy to purchase package! I wont be surprised if I see you on a 2 am infomercial.

  4. It says “social ride”…but is an IPA in the bottle cage, UNCOOL?

    If so will be be venturing close enough to a ‘watering hole’ for those in need of an emergency hydration to fuel up?

    Just some of the things that crossed my mind.

    Plus my curfew is 7:30…LAKER GAME!!

  5. if two people or better yet three people, imagine three people! on the social ride tonight with IPAs in their bottle cages. people might think it’s an organization.

  6. Good idea!!

    May be can get a sponsor? Sponsor’s!

    ?? Firkin…Mo’s…Reds…Doplegangers…Cigar Bar…

  7. Wish we had a social ride here.
    Then I wouldn’t be so lonely.
    You Carson-ites are so lucky!
    Have fun.
    P.S. Still diggin my mojo; thanks again!

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