Bike Commuter Station Live Broadcast

I had 10 bicycle commuters show up at the Starbucks on Retail Drive. Free coffee (and hot chocolate for the kids) was enjoyed, and I gave out a few Muscle Powered Maps. 2 riders just happened to be riding by and didn’t realize it was Bike to Work Day.

And yes, I thought the NO Bicycle Riding sign behind me was a nice touch!

3 thoughts on “Bike Commuter Station Live Broadcast

  1. man, i should’ve slid by one of the starbucks and scored a free joe but i didn’t really bike to work in the truest sense. i took the day off, but my son and i biked to and from his school.

  2. “Get the inside Scoop on cycling, weeknights at 11”. Is there no job you can’t do? I guess you can now add investigative reporter to your long list of talents.
    Nice of Starbucks to provide an incentive for folks to commute and then not let them on the property! :^)

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