Tour of Carson

The Bike Habitat celebrated their 1 year anniversary by hosting the Tour of Carson. This 26 mile moderately paced ride took us counter clockwise around the outskirts of the city. I haven’t done many road rides this year, so it was exhilarating to ride around in a group at such a brisk pace. It certainly wasn’t a race pace, but it was a stark contrast to last Wednesday’s Slow Ride around the west side! We were moving.

Tour of Carson
Preparing to Leave from the Bike Habitat

We left the Bike Habitat shortly after 9:30 AM, and took Clear Creek Road and Snyder Ave out to Edmonds Drive.

Tour of Carson
Clear Creek Road

We headed East at the 5th Street Roundabout, and got onto Carson River Road. It was at this point that the ride got very peaceful. No traffic, and plenty of scenery.

Tour of Carson
Deer Run Road

After crossing the Carson River, we got onto Deer Run Road where we had nice views of the Carson Range across the valley. Springtime in Carson City is pretty short, so you need to take in all the greenery while you can!

Tour of Carson
The Carson Range as Seen from Deer Run Road

Tour of Carson
Arrowhead Drive

Arrowhead Drive takes you through the industrial area, but the roads are wide, and there is plenty of room for bikes.

Tour of Carson
West College Parkway

We crossed over to the west side of 395, and rode up College Parkway. It seems that bike lanes are being included on most of the new roads around Carson. This is great! We just need to fix the older roads now.

Tour of Carson
V&T Bike Path

The wildflowers were out as we rode down the V&T Bike Path.

Tour of Carson
Keith’s Cytomax Stand

As we approached the State Capital building, Keith provided us with a shady stop, complete with an icy cold Cytomax stand. The refreshment was very much appreciated, and gave us the boost we needed to cut through the wind along Curry Street to get back to the Bike Habitat.

Tour of Carson
Heading towards the Capital Building down King Street

Tour of Carson
Tasty BBQ

When we got back to the Bike Habitat, the BBQs were already going, and there were other finger foods laid out. There were also more beer choices than you could sample in one sitting! Once the food came off the BBQ I helped myself to some chicken and a Bison Burger. All the food was great.

Tour of Carson
The Tap Room

Thanks, Bike Habitat for putting on such a fun ride. It was great to ride with some familiar faces, and even meet some new people. When is the next ride?

4 thoughts on “Tour of Carson

  1. glad to see keith’s finally honing his personal relationship skills.

    where’s his blue vest? i thought that was part of his ‘walk carson’ brand.

    he probably took a whizz in the drinks just so he could laugh you guys … for riding instead of walking.

    what a craphead.

  2. This was actually Keith’s community service sentence, paying restitution for last Friday’s public disturbance, walking while intoxicated, sidewalk wheelieing, and sassing an officer of the law.

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