Bike Carson PSA

And now, a Public Service Announcement from Bike Carson…

My friend (we’ll call him “Mike”) sent me the following email today.

Thank you to who is doing all the work on Upper Baldy (the Baldy Green to Creek Trail Connector); it looks and rides great!! But if anyone knows who found and moved a shovel that was placed under some bushes at the east end of Upper Baldy, it would be greatly appreciated if it could get returned or if I could get notified of its new location.

If you’re hiking or riding a trail, and you find a shovel or other tool stashed in the bushes, it is most likely not abandoned. Often times trail workers will stash tools along the trails they are working on so they don’t have to keep carrying them back and forth to the work site. Please leave the tools where they are, as someone plans to come back and work on the trail you’re enjoying!

If anyone knows the whereabouts of “Mike’s” shovel, let me know, or just put it back where you found it.

Thank you, and happy trails!

11 thoughts on “Bike Carson PSA

  1. “Look a shovel under a bush. I think I will take it, I need one for my garden”
    It was hard carrying a shovel down Creek Trail in one hand and steering with the other. I only fell six times. Still bleeding from the last fall, but I OK!

    What a find. 🙂

  2. Let this be a warning to all trail users. I have cleaned my weapon and placed new batteries in my night vision goggles. If you plan to use the Ash Canyon trail system, be prepared to identify yourself. I will be checking your loose clothing for the concealment of farm tools. Just because you are wearing spandex, does not mean you will not be subject to search.
    Sorry to hear about your tool. I hope it turns up. I will keep you posted on any interrogations I perform.

  3. Hey that dude in the link looks a bit like this dude who used to ride with us. . . I think his name was Peter, or wait a minute was it Patrick? Hmmm

  4. Yeah, Its the guy in the Yellow. I think I have seen him on Baldy Green. “Good LuLu they thinks its someone else”. “We have time to get up there and replace the shovel after I finish planting our Tomatoes.”

  5. Uuh. Thanks Jeff, I think. On second thought. when I went to the tailors this morning to ask if they could adjust the waist on my army fatigues from a 28 to a 34 they gave me the old ” Now I’m not saying we cant do it….. But its gonna cost ya” So I scrapped the night vision/interrogation plan. So that guy in the yellow couldnt be hiding much. At most he has a sausage taped to his leg and Hey, this is America….

  6. Oh great now its back on Me and LuLu
    Hey maybe its the guy on in the white suit ?
    Maybe “Mike” forgot where he hid the Shovel. There are a lot of Bushes up there.
    I saw a search crew up there walking Creek Trail looking for it . So LuLu, Mark and I left before they saw us.

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