Memorial Day Weekend

Last week we were having temperatures in the 90’s. The kind of weather that tricks you into putting your warm clothes away for the year. It’s been a different story this weekend though, with a storm system lingering over the area. It almost feels like coastal weather, with gray skies and intermittent rain showers.

Seven Steps to Heaven Trail
Kristy on the Seven Steps to Heaven Trail

The riding in Ash Canyon is fantastic with the wet packed sand and happy green plants; however, bring some rain gear because you will most likely get wet! We had a great lunch ride on Friday with the gang. Fair weather for the climb, and then a mix of rain an hail for the descent. It wasn’t till we got back to town that things started getting a little cold and miserable, mostly due to insufficient clothing…shorts, short fingered gloves, no ear protection, etc.

I’m sure there are some campers that have been bummed out about this wet weather, but I’m loving it. It was just what I needed to slow me down and force me to take a rest. I’ve spent many an hour in the easy chair this weekend, enjoying a book and a small fire.  My batteries are starting to feel recharged after having the life sucked out of me by all the Bike to Work Week planning and festivities.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

9 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I always lose count, and I’m never sure where to start counting the steps. It could be that the builder so badly wants the trail to match the Miles Davis tune of the same name, that some of the bumps have become steps…

  2. Yeah, I always count 6. Maybe the 7th is a mystery. Or the first step is a climb? The metaphors are endless

  3. Take out all seven steps (there are seven!) and rename it Hairway to Steven! Everything will be much faster then. Remove all the rocks and pave the sonofabitch!

  4. if i know potter, two of the steps in the 7 Steps are actually the intervals between two of the steeper pitches. there’s two major seconds in there. the whole section is conjuct.

  5. Maybe you’re right. If you take the the 2nd measure of the tune, Em7(b5) or “E half-diminished 7th”, and lay it down over the trail starting after the 1st step, you can begin to see clearly where the half and whole steps are. It’s so clear now, that I can’t believe I didn’t see it from the start!

    The man is a genius.

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