At the Pump Track

We visited Marcus’s Pump Track On Memorial Day, and I’m here to say that the track is evolving nicely! You can now ride the track either direction and keep pretty good momentum.  You can go around the track several times without even pedaling!  The only thing that’ll stop you is exhaustion.  It’s a great workout.

I brought my 20″ BMX this time, and the bike’s shorter wheelbase was very conducive to the tight track. Kristy is looking forward to bringing her 24″ Redline for the next session.

The next phase is in the works, an “S” turn that will allow you to cut across the track to reverse directions. Can’t wait to try it! Here’s some of the action…


Riding the Track to POTUSA’s “Volcano”



10 thoughts on “At the Pump Track

  1. Kristy looks like a natural. I imagine they have picked the Olympic BMX team for 2008 but if she keeps working, the gold medal is hers in 2012! :^)

  2. Tee he he….

    Yeah, like Jeff said….just wait till I get my Redline race bike out there. Look out!!!! Tasha, wanna race?

  3. I was just telling Jeff that it will be cool to watch you and Jason ride the track because you guys are real BMX riders. Not a poser like ME!

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