New Recruits

On Sunday we talked Jason and Tasha into a mountain bike excursion to Ash Canyon. These two rip around town on fixed geared road bikes, BMXers, and cruisers, so we thought the logical choice would be to hook them up on a couple single speed mountain bikes. Jason rode Kristy’s 29er, and Tasha rode Amy’s Soma. After fitting them to the bikes we headed to the mountain, having no idea what to expect from these two flatlanders.

Top of the Jackrabbit Trail

I wasn’t completely sure which trail to take once we got to the V&T bike path. The V&T trail out and back is great for beginners, but of course heading straight up the mountain on singletrack is more fun. We chanced it, and headed up the Jackrabbit singletrack. Jason and Tasha took off!

Top of the Creek Trail
Top of the Creek Trail chatting with Walker, Texas Ranger

Actually it seemed that everyone took off. I was pedaling the tandem with a chatty 7 year old stoker in the rear. We made slow but steady time up the hill, as we watched the other riders snake up the trail.  We regrouped at the bottom of the Postal route, and everyone was in good spirits. We didn’t regroup again until the top of the Deer Run. I was starting to think that Jason and Tasha might be enjoying this! Having made it this far, the Creek Trail was not far off. We rode to the trail head where we encountered Walker, Texas Ranger Jeff P.

7 Steps Trail
Headed down the 7 Steps to Heaven Trail

The tandem is way too long for the creek trail, so Charlie and I headed back down the way we came, meeting up with the gang again at the end of the Creek Trail. All had survived, and all were smiling. We finished off the ride with the 7 Steps to Heaven Trail and the Vicee Rim Trail. There was only 1 tight corner where I had to walk the tandem on 7 Steps, but my son and I nailed the rest. Tandems are pretty stable if you can keep them moving, but they corner like an RV.

My little stoker
Me and My Stoker

So the big question was whether or not Jason and Tasha enjoyed the experience enough to give mountain biking another shot. They were going to do some research they said.

Well apparently the period of analysis was quite short, and these two ordered brand new Haro 29er Single Speeds from Bicycle Authority before the sun even had time to warm the planet here in Carson City today! I’m guessing they enjoyed it…

7 thoughts on “New Recruits

  1. Thanks again for lending us your bikes. We had too much fun to let another weekend go by without trying it again. We should be rolling some new rubber by Sunday. See you in the dirt !!!

  2. what he said…

    we’ve appreciated everything that all of you have done for us including the push.

  3. Walker says he found and spoke with the rock mover. Poor guy! But yeah, in this picture he’s pretty much putting the fear of god in them so they don’t even think about touching his rocks.

    It’s always a pleasure helping people spend some cash! Can’t wait to ride again!

  4. That was easy….

    Congratulations Jason and Tasha! We are so excited for you two and can’t wait to see you on your new bikes. Playin’ in the dirt is lots of FUN!

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