Rider Photos

More rider photos for Monday morning. These two photos are of Vance Harper, taken by Jaime Gianotti. Jaime says, “Vance, Shana & I went to Ash, and Vance got up the courage to jump the road gap. Just wanted to share the photos….”

Yes, courage. A damn heaping lot of it, if you ask me!  Thanks for sharing!

Vance Harper
Summoning Courage

Vance Harper
Clearing the Gap

9 thoughts on “Rider Photos

  1. My upper brain knows it’s doable since we just happened upon the Team Kona rider the day he made it….but my lower brain has no concept of such a jump. So its true..the lower brain is capable of higher thought processes.

  2. No he did not unfortunately, haha. After landing the gap, I had a ton of speed going into the second that i took a digger just before it. Keep in mind that this was done on a borrowed bike so I wasn’t totally used to the suspension. We were up at northstar all day and I used it to get some practice before the road gap. The front suspensions settings seemed a little off and I think thats was caused the slide out when it compressed after hitting the uphill to the second jump. Anyways, glad you guys enjoy the pictures.

  3. At my age ,my body can no longer cash the check my brain can write… Looks kike a whole lot of fun though… Keep it up guys !!!!

  4. Jason…no longer? I don’t think my body ever had enough capital to cash a check that big!

    Vance…I can see having your suspension setup perfectly being a major concern on that jump! No cool points lost though… I think the gap must be the biggest mental and physical challenge of the two jumps (in my imagination of course…).

  5. Dude Yee Haaaaa!
    Very Very nice
    Holy Molly!
    Yeah, No!
    I will never be that high over a road in the air on my bike .
    Yeah, No
    Vance, Very Nice !!!!!!

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