Adventures at Lake Tahoe

I decided to take the day off today. I had to work all day Sunday, so I thought I’d finish off my weekend today! Shortly I’ll be loading up the tandem and Kristy’s Stumpjumper, destination: The Flume Trail! First ride of the year on the Flume for me, first time ever for my 7 year old son. That is if his father can make it up North Canyon… There will be lots of resting and pushing that limo bike I’m sure. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures, because YEAH! my camera still works! Why wouldn’t it work you ask? It was under the surface of Lake Tahoe for a duration longer than is recommended for electronic devices…

Sand Harbor

On Saturday we attended the DeVito Wedding up at Sand Harbor. What a beautiful place to tie the knot! After the wedding ceremony we hit the beach. There are tons of cool rocks to explore, and before I knew it, my son and his friend were out of my sight on the other side of the cove. I figured I should go check on them and bring them within sight of us.


When I found them, I found them both in precarious positions. My son’s friend was up high on a big rock that looked like it would be a giant slide into the deep part of the water. It made me nervous, but she’s a good swimmer. Next I found my son at the bottom of a steep climb, standing on a rock next to the deep water. He’s not a good swimmer yet. I started to go down to see him, but couldn’t really find a safe route. I had to ask him how the heck he got down there, and when I did climb down, I wasn’t certain how he’d made it down this route!

Sand Harbor

I told him it was time to start climbing back up, so they could come play closer to the beach. He started to climb up a steep rock, lost traction, and then slipped back into the water! He went down between two big rocks, spaced just over a foot across. He was wedged in, and his head was barely above the water, if at all.

I suddenly became Rambo, and lost all fear. I ran down the rocks, leaped over a boulder, and plunged into the icy waters. All without even a second thought! I got around and under him, and lifted him up high enough so he could climb out. Once we got to a safe spot, I examined him for damage. He was skinned up on his belly, elbows, and knees, but otherwise seemed OK. His first words to me? “I’m a pretty good climber, huh daddy.” And I told him that he was, but that he wasn’t a very good swimmer! We shivered as we picked our way back to the beach. Although I still wasn’t cold…adrenaline was still surging through my body. My shorts were heavy from being wet, and I examined the pockets to see what was weighing them down. Crap! My camera went with me on the rescue mission!

Day at the Beach

The rest of the day was wonderful, and we spent it enjoying the sun and more than a few beers. I had one little emotional outburst when I stopped to reflect on that moment on the rocks, and I still get sick thinking about it even today. It’s a delicate balance with kids! You want to protect them and keep them close, but it’s also important to give them a longer leash to explore and learn about their world. It was a good lesson for both me and my son that day!

I finally got the nerve to power on my camera last night, and it works! I just had to reset the date and time. And speaking of time, it is now time to go ride the Flume Trail!

7 thoughts on “Adventures at Lake Tahoe

  1. WOW scary scene. Really glad to hear everyone is OK.

    “it’s also important to give them a longer leash to explore and learn about their world!”

    Very Very true.

  2. Hah, awesome! Way to be a responder and a responsible parent, while still letting your kid learn from his mistakes.
    As for the camera: gotta love the Nevada desert! No matter how wet your electronics get, let them dry for one full day, and then chances are that when you turn it on, it’ll work. I’ve done it with radios, phones and… motherboards :O

  3. Glad you guys are ok. I had a similar situation with Jared when he was 3. Phew! I still have flashbacks. I think your camera survived because it is always sunny and humid in your front pocket!

  4. It started off with wedding vows set to Dr Seuss. I have never witnessed anything like it. It was the most relaxed and funny wedding I have ever been to. Aside from a few ripples it was a good time with the exception of my arm which looks like a coyote tried to eat it. All I can say is that nerf footballs, red wine and sharp rocks should not be mixed.

    Good to hear the outcome was only a wet camera and some scraped skin!
    Cameras can be replaced.
    It is a delicate balance and one that we need to constantly monitor.
    I fell down and skinned a knee or two in my childhood and I think I’m better for the experience. We should not hold on too tightly.
    But I am glad your son is okay too.

  6. jeezus! funny how the adrenaline kicks in during times like that when your kid is involved. no thinking, just pure instinct.

    glad he was ok! and you too!

    and flume trail! can’t wait to hear how it went with the tandem. we’re thinking of going up this summer to ride it sometime.

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