Friday Evening Ride to Star Lake

I had a great ride to Star Lake via the Tahoe Rim Trail last Friday. I left the trail head at the base of the Stagecoach chairlift at the Heavenly North parking lot around 3:30 PM.

The first mile is a granny gear climb of with about 3 places you have to dismount and carry your bike. After that its a rolling climb to mile 4 at Motts Canyon. The trail is not marked very clearly here so if its your first time, you go down into the canyon on the fire road and keep your eyes open for the TRT that branches off to the right and starts climbing the other side of the canyon. Here I did run into some snow patches. I suspect they are melted off the trail by now.

At about 4.75 as I approached Monument Pass I walked my bike up the switchbacks. Once I got over the pass it was a smooth climb for the last 4 miles to the lake! I hung out there for a couple of hours. Vegged out and watched the sun get lower. I sparked up a conversation with some backpackers who were up there for a college class on map reading. 2.5 Credits!!! The fed me some left over pasta they had and I gave them a full pack of Starburst fruit chews which were a big hit.

As the sun was lowering on the horizon I said goodbye and rode my bike back to the parking lot. What a rush! The rolling downhill mixed with some hair raising technical sections makes this section of the Tahoe Rim Trail my favorite. What a blast. I highly recommend this ride! I got back to the car at 8:30. It is an 18 mile out and back.

9 thoughts on “Friday Evening Ride to Star Lake

  1. Looks good, Marcus! I haven’t ridden this section of the TRT before. I’ve been to Star Lake, but I was but a wee lad, and the TRT had not been made yet. I think we hiked up through Fountains Place.

  2. good to know that’s open. I’ve got to get up to the high country soon!
    Did that section once a few years ago. We started from the bottom of Mr. Toads and rode the road to dagget and up to the trailhead and made a loop of it. Spectacular!

  3. Wolfy- That is a killer loop! Did that once with a big gang of people several years ago. Stopped at the Red Hut at the base of Kingsbury for breakfast. It was an all day event. Then we got back and drove to Camp Richardson for an evening swim!
    I talked to some backpackers who came from Armstrong Pass. Tons of snow still from the Freel Saddle to Star Lake. Their estimate was at least 2 weeks before that opens up.

  4. Marcus or anyone , I would really love to go on some new trails in the area. However I would like to go with some one that has taken the trail before , so I don’t end up Lion food or on the 5 o’clock news. Let me know I would love to go sometime.

  5. Roger – Got my 20 year HS reunion this weekend, and I was just checking out the old pictures! Not much to say other than those were the rocker years. A brief period in my life with no bikes.

  6. Its all Good Jeff, we were all there at one time or another. My hair was almost as long but that was thirty years ago. I will look for a pic
    Rock On!!!

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