Helmets have never been a fun purchase to me, but as everyone knows, they are a vital part of your gear. Still, I have a bit of a collection going, unable to get rid of some of the relics that are stored in the garage. I have thrown away one helmet after the strapping system became unusable, and I forgot one helmet on the Downieville shuttle. Here are the remaining ones in my possession.

An Assortment of Helmets

I don’t remember owning a bicycle helmet as a young kid. We just didn’t wear them back then. Boy did we get lucky! My first helmet was mandated by the BMX track. The Echo Helmet below looked so cool when I was 15, but looks a bit silly now. It no longer fits, but doesn’t look too comfortable inside. This one even still has the Skyway sticker, the brand of race bike I had. I was nuts for Skyway, and even had Skyway mags when I should’ve been running lighter race wheels.

Echo BMX Helmet
Echo BMX Helmet – Circa 1985

I didn’t have Oakley glasses back in 1985, but if I remember correctly, I had Oakley grips…and a cool sticker.

Oakley Factory Pilot
Oakley Factory Pilot

I got my first mountain bike in 1989, a Specialized Rockhopper, and this is my first MTB helmet that went with it. This Avenir was pretty much the style of the day, a piece of foam with a cover that could slip on or off.

My 1st MTB Helmet
My 1st Mountain Bike Helmet

I’ve never actually worn the helmet below. The “Quotable Helmet” was bestowed upon me by Jeff and Amy P for ringing my bell on the postal route. They strung me out all day, making me chase their tandem over McClellan Peak, Lake View, and Ash Canyon. In my fatigue, I missed spotting a huge rock on the side of the trail, and went down hard. The Quotable Helmet is a trophy of sorts. I really need to pass this one on to the next rider…just don’t get hurt too bad!

The Quotable Helmet
The Quotable Helmet

Finally, I bring you a helmet that did its job during a crash. Luckily this one is not mine, but I’m guessing it saved my friend’s life. It’s a good reminder of why we need to keep wearing our helmets!

The Shattered Remains

8 thoughts on “Helmets

  1. Wow! B1B. Yeah, that was the name. Completely forgot about that. Blue inner core, white soft rubber sleeve, foam donut covering the inner grip flange.

  2. You outta put that motorcycle helmet on craigslist for free. I don’t see you ever putting that on your melon again unless maybe you ride with The Vance.

  3. I’m partial to the Etto. It reminds me of a lot of good rides I’ve had. Not the ride where we found you delirious on the side of the trail, Jeff (though that was a good ride!).
    Back in the ’80’s Team Yeti had a sponsorship with Etto, and when I see that helmet I’m reminded of the wonderful cast of characters who once raced for Yeti.

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