Saturday Ride

Who wants to ride the Flume Trail / Tahoe Rim Trail on Saturday morning?

Marlette and Tahoe Lakes

I’m not positive that the Rim Trail is open from Tunnel Creek to Marlette, but I’ll find out. I’m thinking we meet around 9:00 – 10:00 ish, ride out on the Flume, back on the TRT.

Who’s in?

21 thoughts on “Saturday Ride

  1. A quick hint then.

    A better wise guy comment would be to say. “I’m running 32×14 and leaving you all in the dust up North Canyon!”

  2. The Flume Trail? 10 AM on a busy Summer weekend? Is this a ride or Fiendish plot to check out tourist chicks on the trail? I cant make it, but I’m doing everything I can to re- arrange my schedule….

  3. How do you know I didn’t, hmmmm? Maybe I’m standing right outside your house as we speak. Yeah, that’s it. I am that guy in the red t-shirt right next to the Dodge park by the curb.
    See you at the trail . . . .

  4. Sounds like it’s me, Lester, and Scott R. so far.

    We’ll climb Kings Canyon, pay our entry fee to Spooner ($2 or $3 per rider I think). We’ll climb North Canyon to Marlette Lake. We’ll see how we feel from there, whether we take the TRT or Flume. Flume is less climbing. Down to Hobart, back on Ash Canyon.

    What’s death march about that? Not bringing the single speed!

  5. I just loaded up on the turmeric at Indian Garden. My knees are swelling thinking about the climb, and this should help.

    There are thunderstorms forecasted for tomorrow. I think we should start sorta early. Is 9:00 AM too difficult? Where should we meet?

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