Groovy Luv Handles

After falling in love with a pair of On One Mary Bars that I put on my commuter, I went looking for another set to try on my single speed. Since nobody in Carson or Reno had Mary’s, I started searching the internet for alternatives.

Love Handles
Luv Handles

Rody at Groovy Cycle Works seemed to have just what I was looking for, the 4130 aircraft steel Luv Handles. I love the sweep on these which is a little less than the Mary’s. I have already ordered a second pair with a custom paint scheme for the Full Suspension. After spending the day on flat bars doing the Kings canyon Loop I was really wishing I had something more relaxed.

Love Handles
Luv Handles Installed

Luv Handle Specs:
Width – 26.0″ from the tip of the grip to the opposite point
Rise – 4 degrees or 1.0″
Sweep – 21.5 degree
Weight – 275 grams uncut

Groovy Cycleworks on the Web:

6 thoughts on “Groovy Luv Handles

  1. Yeah, Lester’s post!

    I think I will have to try a pair. Been riding aluminum bars for a long time. I’d like to try the steel and the groovy bend. They might end up on the Kula (hardtail).

  2. Roger must have some type of crystal ball. 😉
    Thanks for the help Jeff.
    Let me know if you want to test ride em. That bike sits most of the week so let me know if you want to mount up the bars for a test ride.

  3. Aaaah yes! Capitalism at its finest! re-inventing the handle bar over and over again. Very unique design and cool name! I want one for my Marin! ( THE most photographed bicycle in Carson City, according to my wife)

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