Thanks to multiple fires burning in northern California, the riding conditions have been way less than favorable. There is so much smoke in Carson City, that it feels like walking through the Carson Nugget Casino. Just awful.

you can only see the outline of the Sierras through the smoke

Thanks to commuting to work and a dentist appointment, I still managed to get just over 6 miles in yesterday. I rode at a slow pace, trying not to huff in more smoke than I needed to. Still, I didn’t feel quite right all day yesterday. And looking out the window this morning, it looks like we will have more of the same today. The sun is rising behind the smoke, and casting a red glow in the house as I write this.

The local news media has warned people to stay indoors and avoid exercise. I think for most folks around here, that shouldn’t be a problem.

So how are you all dealing with this smoke? I’ve been going out to lunch instead of my usual singletrack lunch. Kim Lee’s Sushi yesterday, and Genghis Asian Fusion the day before. It’s been a nice break and some good food, but it’s time to start riding again…

8 thoughts on “Smoke

  1. Jeff, Since the kids got out of school I’ve been commuting down to Minden and back 4 days a week. This week has definitely been smokey, but I haven’t felt any affects that I know of. Down here it looks bad, but during my rides I can’t smell it. I live in Sunridge and in the evening there I can smell the smoke. The conditions just make ‘ the crazy bicycle commuter’ look even crazier.

  2. “So how are you all dealing with this smoke?”
    Not much of a problem, it seems to mostly go east.

    “..stay indoors and avoid exercise. I think for most folks around here, that shouldn’t be a problem.”
    Good one.

  3. Marcus and I had a great “Ride” today. He picked me up in his truck and we rode to the Vietnamese restaurant for gigantic bowls of Pho.

    I hear it is the worst in Reno. Maybe if fizzles a little as you go south.

    Thanks Smudgemo. I’m glad you are enjoying your clean, moist, cool air. And my exercise comment…I was actually channeling your style as I wrote that! Thought you’d like that.

  4. Looks like the view from my house after my next door neighbor has one of his “bonfires”!
    Pretty amazing how wide-spread the effect from the fires.
    But as you said, given your local communities lack of commitment to outside activities, it has had no real effect on their daily lives! :^)

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