Bike Ride to The Fireworks Show

Kings Beach has their fireworks on the 3d of July. I thought it would be neat to see them from high above on the Rim Trail. This would have required that we load the bikes and take them all the way to Brockway Summit, and deal with loads of traffic and spend money on gas. Since no one really seemed interested in this I decided to go anyways, but with a different plan. I left from my house in Indian Hills at 6:15pm and pedaled up old Clear Creek Road.

Then followed the old highway up to the top of Spooner Summit. I found a trail on the left side of the summit that was Totally Rad! In fact, I will refer to it now as the ” Totally Rad Trail” or the TRT.

It was a nice rolling climb up the trail until I got near my goal of Snow Valley Peak. It was dark now and I just had gotten to a point where my line of sight could see Kings Beach. It was just a little after 9PM so I made it. The downer was that I was SO far away, it was like watching one of those ” Safe and Sane” fireworks fountains from like 2 blocks away. I could not even hear any bangs. It was still pretty cool being way up there and seeing the whole lake. Marlette Lake looked tiny. I put on my leg warmers and arm warmers after the show and blazed down.

It was a little spooky because there was no moon. Plus all these recent conversations I had with Jeff M. and Jon B. When we were on the Creek Trail the other day, and my recent encounter with a bear on Ebbetts pass, had changed my singing tone from ” Macho” to ” Soprano” ( My theory, is that if I sing loudly, while riding downhill, I will startle any animals in my path and they will run away) However, if the animals were listening, I think they would have sensed the fear last night. I took it way easy.

What took over 3 hours to climb, I descended in just over an hour. I got back to the house just before 11 pm, unloaded and charged the lights for the next adventure.  Happy 4th of July to all!

3 thoughts on “Bike Ride to The Fireworks Show

  1. That’s a great trail to ride at night.
    It’s also good training for the DR. What was the elevation gain?
    About 4000′?

  2. Jeff M- Yeah, and one time on my way to work, I made a right turn on a red light, right in front of a police man. It’s this kind of behavior that keeps the ladies interested….

    Jeff P- Yes, I saw no one else on the trail. It is a great smooth night trail. It was a little gnarly near the peak. But what a fun downhill. According to TOPO! it was over 4500 feet of climbing! I am feeling it today.

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