Waterfall Fire – Four Years Later

If you’ve been around Carson for a little while, you’ll certainly remember the Waterfall Fire of 2004. It was a fire that seemed to start off pretty small and insignificant, but grew into an out of control inferno that destroyed much of the landscape and even a few homes.

Waterfall Fire of 2004

I remember being in disbelief as we tried to still ride the trails, only hours after the fire had passed through. You could still see the smoke and feel the heat coming off the ground as we carefully cruised down Deer Run. Just a few days later we were kicked out of the area, and it really sunk in what had happened. There were no trails on the west side to ride for months after this. Four years later, the hillside is recovering, but in a different form. Thick bushes and trees have given way to widely spaced bushes and grassland. One thing is for sure though, we gained a new appreciation for the treasure we have on Carson City’s west side.

Here’s a look at Ash Canyon during the Waterfall Fire, and pictures of how it’s recovered.

On the V&T bike path, looking to the West

Tour of Carson
Spring Flowers along the V&T bike path – 2008

Deer Run, Still Smoldering

Ash Canyon
Deer Run, Spring 2008

Deer Run, Still Smoldering

Deer Run – 2006 (Long grass before the sheep were brought in)

Ash Canyon Collection Pond

Ash Canyon
Ash Canyon Creek – Spring 2008

More pictures of the Waterfall Fire of 2004 can be found on the Bike Carson Flickr Page HERE.

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