Rocks & Bollards

Last week a quad found it’s way onto the lower half of the Ash Creek Trail. I’ve purposefully kept the corridor narrow in this section so as to discourage quad use on this portion of singletrack.

For those who don’t know, there is a double track that descends into the Ash Creek Trail which separates the upper and lower sections. The double track eventually dead ends at the beginning of the lower half of the ACT.

My solution to this problem is to place rocks at the entrance, leaving plenty of room for vehicles to turn around, and twenty-five feet beyond that, installing bollards to further impede motorized use.

This is the finished product:


Also, keep an eye out for the boulder I planted on the outside line of the double track leading into the entrance. It should provide you with a little air.

3 thoughts on “Rocks & Bollards

  1. I’m new to the area and looking for trails. How do you get here? I haven’t found maps from Carson yet, but I assume it is ride-to-able?

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