Beating the Heat

Temperatures have been climbing into the upper 90’s in Carson City lately, making the lunch rides a bit uncomfortable. We’ve started bumping up the ride times to 11:00 or 11:30 to beat the heat. This helps out, but today we did even better than that.

Morning Ride at Centennial
Jon and Scott – 6:15 AM

Jon suggested that we hook up for a ride before work. The only way to do this and make it to work on time was a meeting time of 6:00 AM! That’s usually my time to sip coffee and catch up on the bike blogs. Jon and Scott J live just a few blocks from me, so we met at 6:00 AM and headed out for the Cenntennial Trailhead on Carson City’s northeast side. It was cool to see the sun just peaking over the mountains as we headed out, and the temperatures were in the low 60’s!

Kona Kula
Rest Stop

Riding at a different time of day than you’re used to can give the trails a whole new feel. We typically ride at high noon, and there are very few shadows. This morning though, we had long shadows on the trail, and the colors were wonderful. I had fun taking pictures in this different environment.

The Centennial Singletrack system offers a different type of ride than the Ash Canyon trail system. There isn’t nearly as much climbing involved at Centennial, and the terrain is much more rolling. The Russian Thistle, aka “Tumbleweed”, is very happy right now. So much so, that I missed a turn on the descent and skipped a section of fun singletrack. When we picked it up again, it was hard to follow in the tall weeds.

Centennial Singletrack
Long Shadows on the Trail

One thing interesting about this morning ride, is that I wasn’t hungry before or during the ride. Normally I have to fuel up before a ride, but I had eaten since the previous night!  Anyone feel like explaining this?

I was back home by 7:30 AM, just enough time to grab a quick shower, slam some coffee and oatmeal, grab the road bike, and make my 8:15 meeting. I’m looking forward to making these morning rides part of the weekly schedule.

Next up…night ride anyone?

8 thoughts on “Beating the Heat

  1. Sorry to hear about your commute, Tasha!

    I suspect these people are jealous. It obviously didn’t impact her or put her in any danger. Why else would she be so upset?

    That’s the very reason I try to pass as many cars as possible on every commute! It shows people that a bike can save you some time without spending a lot of $$$. I’m sure it makes some people mad, but that’s part of the fun. I can pass dozens on Roop at 5pm.

  2. 6dogs – When I get back from vacation I will. I’ll be relaxing at the Lost Coast Brewery next week.

    Smudgemo – I hope it’s a very HUMID 71*! Kona – Yeah! The new Mavic wheelset really spruced it up. It makes me look faster.

  3. “I love the smell of sagebrush in the morning. It smells like Victory!”
    Morning rides are great. Unless its dark or 30 degrees. If I lived there, I would love to be out there with the Dawn Patrol.
    Not hungry? Hmmm. Maybe your carbohydrate intake the night before was a little to high?
    Kona looks Kul-a!

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