Reno Stolen Bike Alert

Thought I’d pass the word along. Here’s a stolen bike(s!) alert from Downhill Reno!

This morning I awoke to movement in my house at 5 a.m. I thought it was the cats at first. I got up to take a leak and heard the garage door open. Something I know the cats can’t do. By the time I got some cloths on and got down stairs my brand new Santa Cruz Blur 4X and my wife’s Santa Cruz Heckler were gone. The good news is that they didn’t get my V-10 or motorcycle. As you might know the Blur 4X is pretty rare here in Reno so if anybody sees one it is more than likely mine.

Micheal Town

Blur 4X:
color: silver
fork:Fox TALAS RC2 with faded rebound cap (pink)
brakes:Avid juicy 5
cranks: Black Race Face Ride XC
hubs: DT/Hayes laced up on WTB Dual Duty rims
Easton bars, stem, and seat post

fork:Rock Shox Psylo SL
brakes:Hayes mag
cranks:Truvativ Holtzfeller
wheelset:OEM disc
Easton bars, victory racing stem

Contact Mike: dhtahoe2003 at

4 thoughts on “Reno Stolen Bike Alert

  1. Thats is scary!

    What happens if they are still in the garage when the owner goes to look? And it sounds as if they new the bikes were there.

    I’m keeping my bikes cabled together in the garage.

  2. I think I would shoot 1st. I’m sure potter could do some wicked taxidermy and make a nice trail feature. Lots of trails and roads are called, ‘ Dead mans run’…We could have a real dead mans run. That seriously suks though. I’ve had a 3k bike stolen from my pickup while locked with a cheap cable lock. I know, I know…I’m an idiot. Homeowners covered most of it but now I can’t even get personal property insurance due to 1 claim my entire life. If your’re hungry ask me for food but break into my house and it’s game on…I only wonder if I would shoot em in the back if I caught em on the way out. hmmmm…Hope I never have to find out.

  3. This after the fact, but I always suggest that bikes be locked up even while garaged. I’ve got a hammer-drill that I bought for earthquake retrofitting that makes nice holes in cement. Then I get some epoxy and an eye-bolt and glue it in place. I loop a cable through the the bolt and then itself and use a U-lock to secure to the cable to the bike.
    For multiple bikes of three or more, it may be enough to cable them all together so stealing the mass is noisy, obvious and unwieldy. I also cover my bikes with old sheets so they are not obvious from the street to people passing by. So far so good.
    The drill is probably $100+, but a lot cheaper than the alternatives. As Scott R notes, the insurance companies are quick to drop you for filing a claim, so think hard about it before doing so. Kind of a joke to pay for it and not use it, but that’s the reality.

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