Solo Rides, Rubber Boas, Good-Bye!

Lunch time ride turnout was pretty thin last week with all the obligations the other riders had. This allowed me to get a couple solo rides in, something that doesn’t happen too often (other than my commute).

Slide Mt.
Franktown Road – Slide Mountain

On Thursday the smoke cleared right around the lunch hour, and I had the road bike with me. I seized the opportunity to grab an 18 miler out to Franktown road and back, and still made it back to work in around an hour.

Creek Trail
Self Portrait – 10 Second Timer

On Friday I knew it’d be my last ride for a few days, so I made it a good one. I rode up the Fourday Trail, and got to see the trail work I missed on Wednesday. Man, this trail is riding good! You guys do good work! I finished off the ride with a descent down the Creek Trail, Postal, and Jackrabbit.

I’d also like to share a couple photos of a snake I found on the climb. This poor guy had probably been hit by a truck, and was laying out on the road. I picked him up and posed him on the side of the road for some good photos.

Rubber Boa
Rubber Boa

After much discussion of my pictures online, we came to the conclusion that this is a Rubber Boa! One of the giveaways is the blunt tail, used to trick predators as a false head. I was pretty shocked that a rubber boa would be in Ash Canyon, but upon further reading, I read that the Eastern Sierra is part of their habitat…the edge of their domain.  I don’t recall ever seeing one around here though. Well now there’s one less of them sadly…

Rubber Boa
Rubber Boa

Well, dear readers. I’m off for a week long adventure, and won’t be making any blog entries for a while. Nor will I be bringing any bikes. It’s time to unplug and recharge the batteries. I’m so ready for a break! I just bought a 2GB memory card for the camera though, and this ought to be plenty of storage for many a good picture. I had to do this so I wouldn’t bring the computer as an excuse to upload photos!

Vaction Time
Vacation Time!

Where are the family and I going you ask? I’ll give you a hint… We’re going to the source of the mighty 8 Ball Stout. Home of the Downtown Brown. The Lost Coast…

See you in a week! Hopefully some of the other Bike Carson contributors will pen some fine articles for you in my absence. Until then, Cheers!

11 thoughts on “Solo Rides, Rubber Boas, Good-Bye!

  1. Have a great trip Jeff! Can’t wait to see the pictures from the lost coast. Aaaah, and to breath fresh ocean air for a week. Your timing could not be better.

  2. Have a great vacation (I’d love to try 8 Ball Stout!).

    Thanks for the recent holler on the post — some day I’ll get over to Tahoe with the bike. It’s been about ten years since I’ve been out your direction!

  3. Are you that desperate for good beer that you drag your entire family over hill and mountain to the land of the shiney happy people?
    We could have organized an on-line beer telethon or had the US government fly in a C-140 to make an air drop of beer care packages!
    Have a great time but stay off the Extracycle if you’ve been drinking! :^)

  4. You know, ever since I moved to Carson everyone has told me there are no snakes in this area.

    I’m pointing them to this post as my excuse the next time I see a stick move and freak out.


  5. one reason why people dont see the rubber boas very often is because they are nocturnal and if you ever get the chance and its not illegal where your at then go ahead and pick it up gentely it wont bite they are a very dosile reptile and if you put it on your wrist and wrap its tail around your wrist then it will most likely stay there and enjoy the body heat

  6. Snakes are out!

    Several sightings reported over the weekend including a rather large (4′ long) rattler on the Longview Trail. Be alert and watch your pets and kids.

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