Back from the Coast

The family and I are back from vacation, and our internal batteries have been recharged. After a day of rest that is. A full day in the car will kill ya! That, and eating out for a week.

Heyzeus Red
Humboldt County’s Other Other Intoxicant

Northern California was a nice break from the heat, smoke, and wind. Temperatures were cool in the 50’s and 60’s, and some places even had the fireplaces going! The coastal breeze kept the smoke inland, and we were treated to moist, oxygen rich air for the duration of our trip.

Throughout Ferndale, Eureka, Arcata, and Trinidad, there was no shortage of good food and drink. Fish and Chips, Beer, Gourmet Vegetarian Fare, Wine, Bread Pudding, we found it all! I may have to go on a calorie restricted diet for a few days before I even think about getting on the scales.

Redwood National Park
Walking Among the Giants

The best thing about the trip though was the beauty of the area. In addition to the incredible old time architecture of the towns, we saw much natural beauty too. The northern California coast just seems unspoiled. Giant redwood trees, deserted beaches…it’s a chance to see the country as it once was.

I didn’t sense a big cycling community in the area. At least not like we know it in Northern Nevada. I did see many cyclists making the journey down HWY 101 though. Heavily loaded touring bikes were a common sight along the roads. With all the rolling terrain, this has got to be one tough ride! Not to mention the 70 mph traffic these folks were enduring…

It’s good to be back and refreshed, because there are some cool bicycle events coming up soon.  Stay tuned!

You are invited to check out the photo collection of our trip to the Northern California Coast. Just CLICK HERE!

3 thoughts on “Back from the Coast

  1. Thanks for sharing. My family has property in the Garberville/Ettersburg area, so this brings back a ton of good memories. I think it’s one of the best places on earth.

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