7 thoughts on “Rider Photos

  1. Pivot is the new bike company started by the founder of Titus cycles. One of our ex-local cyclists moved out to AZ to work for them (he was formerly with Slingshot).
    Cool bikes!

  2. We had originally ordered one silver (Kathy’s) and one red. We got a call from Bicycle Bananas (that is where we got the bikes) and were told that we could get both bikes at the same time, as long as they were both red. It was that, or Kathy would have had to wait another two plus months for the next shipment. Hers is a little bit different than mine. She has SRAM XO drive train while I have XTR. We were told that only 30 of the Mach 429ers are in the U.S. of A. at this time. Lucky us! Hopefully they will work well for us at the Leadville 100 in a few weeks. That’s the main reason we got them.
    This is a new world for us, as far as 29ers go. A different feel, great on the descents, a little slower on the steep climbs, but flat out rolls over with ease some of the rocks and logs that we approached rather cautiously before. Cornering is a bit more solid which equates to more speed. God help me.
    Thanks for the photo Jeff—Welcome home!

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