A Fun Day!

Yesterday I passed on the mountain ride, and had lunch with Bob, Keith, and Reno Media Mogul Ryan Jerz at the new Genghis Asian Fusion on north Carson Street. Great restaurant if you haven’t been! Ryan and I enjoyed giant bowls of lemon grass pho, and the brothers got something off the Chinese menu.

Lunch Crew
Lunch at Genghis Asian Fusion. These boys were jealous of my Lemon Grass Pho.

After work we headed to the Canyon Gentleman’s Club. There was lots of digging, beer tasting, and laughing. We were attempting to widen a section of the (Not) Mike’s Super Fourday Spectacular, but found ourselves in a vein of shale. The rest of this trail is in soft sand, so I wasn’t expecting this. Otherwise I would’ve brought a heavy pick to smash up the rock!

On the Trail
Why in the Hell is Roger’s Dog drinking out of my water bottle?

The beer selection was excellent! The North Coast, Lost Coast, and Stone Brewing Co. breweries were all represented! Great White, Allycat, ACME, Ruination IPA, it was tasting good!

Lots of digging, beers, and laughing.

Sorry you other guys couldn’t make it. Lester felt so bad that Scott (XD) M couldn’t make it, so he ridiculed him remotely via text messages. Now that’s love.

We weren’t making lots of progress like in previous nights, and it started to get dark. We did our best to leave the trail in working order, but it got difficult to check our progress as nightfall set in.

Remote Ridicule
Lester demonstrates texting in Work Gloves

The other kids didn’t show up, so Charlie was stuck working with us. He helped pickup rocks and line the trail with them. He also thought Roger’s dog LuLu looked thirsty and let her drink from my water bottle. But most importantly, he learned all sorts of new grown up words by the end of the night.

The McLeod
The McLeod. Good for cutting singletrack, air guitar, and slaying level 4 Orcs.

More on Roger’s blog HERE.

10 thoughts on “A Fun Day!

  1. I’m so glad Charlie was there to actually do some trail work. Who knows how much destruction the rest of us would have caused without him there to keep us focused.

  2. Ah, the McLeod. Favored tool of mountain bikers everywhere.
    So, do you think anyone had a “mishap” due to your incomplete and shoddy work? Funny that you had time to finish off all that beer but not the trail! :^)

  3. I believe we left the trail in pretty good shape! That’s why we stayed so late. One little rock took up a lot of time. We were chip, chip, chipping away at it.

  4. Not “funny” at all. We were prioritizing! The trail wasn’t going anywhere and will always be a work in progress. However, the ice was melting fast and there was no way any of us were going to let that delicious nectar get warm. Unfortunately there were only four of us and Rog brought enough for eight. We manned up though and saved the night.

  5. That’s right; protect the beer at all costs! I believe Gale Sayer’s said it best: “Beer is first, family is second, I am third”. If I remember the list correctly, completing trail work is somewhere down around 8 or 9, after pizza and watching cycling on Versus.

  6. I wish we would have gone with a light crappy beer….That heavy expensive beer gave me 1 fine headache for 1/2 of thursday. I still haven’t figured if the shale caused us to drink more or less….

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