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I was over at Comma Coffee this morning and the latest issue of the Reno News and Review caught my eye. It’s the Bike Issue! It appears to be chocked full of cycley goodness, and I’ll be checking it out this weekend when I get some down time.

The Bike Issue
Extra! Extra! The RN&R Bike Issue!

I tend to stay on the back streets when navigating Carson City by bicycle. Typically the intersections have little motorized traffic, if any. Coming to a complete stop at the stop signs almost seems silly in this situation, much as it would if you were walking. I slow to a safe level, look and listen for any oncoming traffic, and then proceed.

Urban Velo recently discussed a new law that is being discussed in San Francisco that would allow cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs, and stoplights as stop signs. What an excellent idea! Well half of it anyhow. I think stop signs are already yield signs for most cyclists, and we do it quite safely. I’m not so sure about the stoplight issue though. I can see this causing accidents, as I don’t typically see many breaks in traffic at the stoplights. I think it would be way too unpredictable for all traffic involved. At least that’s how I see it here in Carson City. What are your thoughts?

One of my favorite reasons to visit the Reverend Tim’s blog is to see his frequent pictures of mega fauna.  We typically see squirrels, snakes, and the occasional coyote while out riding the trails, but imagine coming down the trail to find a giant Bull Moose blocking the way!  Read about Tim’s close encounter (with excellent pictures) over on Bicycles and Icicles!

A local engineering team is attempting to design a product that can quickly convert any clipless pedal to a platform pedal.  It can be a hassle to swap pedals on your bike for certain situations; for example, I like to frequently use my single speed for non mountain use, and would rather use a sneaker for around town.   Read more HERE at the Bacon Strip, and take the survey to help design this product!

Bike Carson is scheduled to be in this Sunday’s Nevada Appeal! Watch for it…

And finally, watch as this rider in a NYC Critical Mass attacks a cop!  </sarcasm>  Earlier in the week I was mentioning how helpful the cops in Truckee were at the Tour de Fat’s bicycle parade.  Like anything though, it’s a box of chocolates…

7 thoughts on “Bike News

  1. First of all, did you put your son up to the “newsboy” look? “Get cha papers, ya red hot papers err!”
    Second of all, what is up with these obviously crazy, lawbreaker cyclist who purposely and deliberately attack these good citizen officers out doing their job? Look at that damn pinko commie biker who ran right straight for that pour defenseless puppy trying to cross the street, which caused the valiant officer to push the bastard to the ground to save it from certain destruction. I mean, its obvious, right?

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